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11th March 2009, 03:01 PM
I would like to buy an Isonic to replace my 80cm slalom board but I'm still hesitating between two boards : Is 122 (07) or Is 133 (07)

I'm very heavy (117kgs) and I have a F162 for winds below 15 kts.

The board would be used only with 8,4 (maybe later 9,0) in winds between 15 and 20 kts.

Which one would be the best one to choose ?

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11th March 2009, 06:42 PM
iSonic 133 for you.

12th March 2009, 10:21 AM
Hard to recommend for your weight, not many windsurfers heavier than you eh?
I use a 122 and like it (I'm 86kg), you could get away with 8.4 as your largest sail for it, but you'll sink like a stone in the lulls.
I would say 133, but heavyweights should chime in.

14th March 2009, 05:43 AM
The problem is that a 80 cm board is a pain in the ass on my spot with 18/20kts of wind. It is not flat at all, very bumpy instead ....

I have a 80 cm board (AB+ 80) which is much too big for my taste with 8,4.

I do not sail 8,4 in sub 15kts conditions, I go for F162 with 11m, that's why I'm asking about the 122

14th March 2009, 06:22 AM
Well it's really difficult to give advice here ..... simple scaling won't work I'm afraid (I can use an 86 lit board in steady 18-20, but still...)
If you have steady force 5 + chop, then you can use iS122 for sure (it's around 115 lit real volume). But if it's that lumpy on your spot (and 80cm board is a pain in the ass), there's a chance a 75cm slalom board won't be very sweet either (although to be fair iS122 is excellent in ignoring chop - up to a point). Perhaps a different type of board (futura, kode)? But then again you probably need that 8.5 to sail efficiently when smaller people are on 6.5. It would be best to try some boards if you can. Have you sailed smaller boards in coastal conditions?

I'm guessing a lot obviously, heavyweights where are you? ;-)

14th March 2009, 11:11 PM
At 95 kgs I'm heavy but still that's 22 kgs less than you ;-)
I have an iSonic 122 which I love for 8.5 down to 6.5 m2. It's not too floaty and at your weight it will be a sinker in lulls. The '07 IS 133 is only 5 cm wider and it will carry you a lot better. I don't know your old 80 cm board but these new designs are seriousely well sailing even in choppy and windy conditions. The reason I bought the 122 is that I sail in an area with very gusty winds and chop where I need a board with a HUGE range. I can blast my 122 way into smaller board area even with a 6.5 and it goes through lulls easily. Maybe not ideal for competition but if the wind changes a lot average speed may come in favour of the bigger board.
I would go for the 133..


16th March 2009, 01:51 AM
I`d agree with Per.Go with the 133.(But ???)
I`m 103k (+/- a couple of k!)
I have always used 130 litres as mid wind board. (ie 6 to 8 metre)
I think even at my weight I`d be opting for 133 for wind/sail size you mention.

My mate (112 k) uses go 160 for medium winds.(6.5 to 8 metre) His "small" board is a Hornet 135. He flies on that and matches smaller folk on dedicated slalom kit. (once its blowing) (Suppose thats recommending Futura 133??? Just a thought?)

I`ve found dedicated boards are not that much (if anything) faster top end than easier sailing (narrower!) boards for heavies in conditions we end up on them in.If that makes any sense .?? Big blokes really can make such as Futura`s really go.(You would sacrifice something though)

Its really important you try all boards you are considering.Only folk that can actually recommend anything for you are those of similar (same?) weight (and ability) and sailing at simillar venue.

Ignore quoted sail ranges aswell.They are nonesense for heavies.(Sweet spot for my 105 litre board is 5 metre.(with me on it).Its quoted sweet spot is 6 metre; which is bordering on too big for board for me !)(Would be worse for you !) (Again if that makes sense!)

Good luck..

Try them all. Be patient.

20th March 2009, 02:41 PM
I'm thinking to sell my F162 because it'is too technical on my local spot. What would be my best option then ? Is144W85 or Is150 ??

Target sails are 10,0 and 8,4, sailor 117kgs ....

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20th March 2009, 06:52 PM
150 I think.

20th March 2009, 07:00 PM
Or futura 155, not bad either ...

27th March 2009, 12:48 AM

There are several scenario you can choose from:

1) Keep your F162 + 10 m2 sail for wind below 10-12 knots (*), dump your 80 cm wide slalom board and get an iSonic 133/144 for the +20 knots wind with your 8.4 m2 sail; or

2) dump both your 80 cm wide slalom board and your F162 and get an iSonic 150 for both wind < 10-12 knots with 10 m2 sail and winds > 20 knots with 8.4 m2 sail; or

3) same as above but get a Futura 155 for winds >12-13 knots (**) with your 10 m2 sail and winds >20 knots with your 8.4 m2 sail.

Both the iSonic 150 and Futura 155 are a lot user-friendlier than your current F162, especially when chop builds up, no questions. Both have much rounder and thinner rails and tail (e.g., much more forgiving in heavy chop while jibing) than the super wide tail with thick and boxy rails à la FW. Compare a dedicated FW (F162) with a XXL slalom (iSonic 150) and a XL freeride/freeslalom (Futura 155).

The key question for you to ask is how much of low wind range (within the 10-15 knots wind range) are you gonna be prepared to give up? For your XXXL weight, there is no miracle in low wind with the 10 m2 sail: Formula >> iSonic 150 >> Futura 155 ≥ iSonic 144 >> iSonic 133 >>>>>>>> iSonic 122...!

Cheers !


(*) benchmark: 2m x 105 kg pal on FW + 11 m2 sail + 70 cm fin : planing as of 8/9 knots wind. Flat water.
(**) same pal with a 2006 Carve 162 (257 x 82 cm x 54 cm OFO) + 9.5 m2 sail + stock 52 cm fin : planing as of 12/13 knots up to +18 knots wind. Small to medium chop (30-50 cm)

27th March 2009, 01:03 AM

more discussion and comparison between Apollo, Formula, iSonic 150 and iSonic 144 for XXL riders with large sail:


Cheers !


27th March 2009, 01:39 AM
Many thanks Jean-Marc, your advice is appreciated !

I have a 12m and a 11m with the F162 but I do get frequently overpowered.

I money permits I will try to keep this kit (at least the 12m) for sub 10kts conditions (summer breeze) but the problem is that currently I'm fighting with winds up to 15kts (next combo is 80cm/8,4 sail and the gap is huge ... !)

I've spotted a second hand Is 144 which would be nice with a 10m sail (still have to buy it)

So here is the plan :

F162 and 12m -------> up to 10/12 kts
Is144 and 10m ------> 10/12 to 15kts
Is144 and 8,4 -------> 15 to 20kts

If I want the Is150 or the Futura 155 I will have to sell the F162 (cannot find a second hand), not sure that it would be wise ...

What do you think ?

27th March 2009, 05:42 PM

I surmise you're like Stéphane with regard to XXXL rider weight and gear.

Unfortunately, I cannot comment about the huge gap between your current F162 + 12 m2 combo and XL slalom board + 8.4 m2 combo, first because I'm much lighter than you and second because I don't own a Formula nor a 12 m2 sail.
However, I do use an 11m2 sail in 7-12 knots wind and swap down to an 8.2 m2 sail in 10-15 knots wind on my Hypersonic 105. I do find this sail gap absolutely perfect for me (paired with a 55 cm and a 32 cm fin on HS105, respectively), but bear in mind I'm only 183 cm x 65 kg...! Next sail size down is a 6.6 m2 in 15-20 knots of wind (either with HS105, Kombat 86 or iSonic 53 depending on chop size and wind quality).
Another fact is that almost all of my heavy weight buddies (85-105 kg) use a Formula board + 70 cm fin and large sail (10+ up to 12.5m2) combos in sub 10 knots summer breeze on our flat water lake. One exception is a ±95 kg pal using a Phantom 380 + V8 9.5 m2 sail combo.

Your plan sounds perfect to me. F162 could be used with 12 m2 sail in puffy summer breeze or with 10 m2 sail if you need enough buoyancy in very gusty conditions. If more steady conditions prevail, just swap the F162 for the iS 144 and keep going with the 10 m2 sail (or swap for the 8.4m2 sail if wind picks up more and more). Your plan with 2 boards (F162/iS144) and 3 sails (12/10/8.4) makes a lot of sense to me if you want to cover the widest light wind range and TOW as possible in full planing mode. In sum, go for it...!

Cheers !