View Full Version : 07 evo v`s prokids evo

18th March 2009, 05:55 PM
hi,my 7 year old(25kg) learnt on a starsurfer and is now planing in the straps and harness on a prokids s-type 70,he has now done his first 10 proper deep waterstarts.when the wind is above about 22 knot the board seems too big and is becomming a handfull . he has no problems with nearly 30 knots as long as he sails in places with superflat water(speedsailing conditions)
30 knots in most places is very choppy and the s-types low short nose makes it too difficult (but both mum and dad steal it and love it)he copes fine an dads 65 wave board but with a wide foot stance ,he looks a bit awkward
he needs a smaller board with more nose rocker,for high wind strengths.
locally there is an evo 62 for sale at a great price,the evo 62 and prokids evo have the same measurements
are there any differances in these boards?(straps,weight,mast track)
or should i get an acid or flare(near impossible to get locally,east coast australia)
please advise me

18th March 2009, 09:01 PM
Yes. Everything except construction is the same. So also the regular EVO 62 has the possibility to mount the straps tighter and the track a bit further back.

The weight will differ a bit though. The wood model and the Prokids are pretty much the same, but the "grown up" dram/techora is a bit heavier.