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21st March 2009, 01:04 AM
Seems to be an age old problem matching heavier sailors to suitable boards. Its a common theme on Forum.

If we examine Isonic range it can be seen an average weight sailor (75 k?) looking for medium /high wind board with a bit of reserve float could choose 86 (reserve 10 litres;width56.tail 37) or perhaps 94 (reserve 20 width 59/ tail 40) (All seems ok)

His 100k counterpart looking for similar usage board could choose 111 (reserve 10/width 68/tail 50) or perhaps 122. (reserve 20.width 75.Tail 53) (Not too sure)

If this is the case the heavier sailor ends up with proportionally more width. (lots more) and proportionally less volume. (a bit)

On the other hand we decide boards not on volume but on width the heavier sailor ends up on a sinker ?

What is teams view ?

Which Isonic should a 105k sailor choose for well powered up 6.5 to 8 metre conditions at a coastal venue ???
Should he sacrifce volume to get a manageable width or get a bit of "get home" volume and cope with the width ??? (or look elsewhere? Futura)

(Dont forget not many heavies sail like Antoine)

21st March 2009, 02:02 AM
I am not so sure it is designed with a 75Kg in mind, or with anybody in mind ... there are so many boards in the lineup! But I would guess that a 80-85Kg seems to have the best of the worlds for a luxurious three boards lineup:

I-86 + I-101 + I-122

Similarly the heavy weights (> 90) have a great line-up

I-94 + I-111 + I-133
push it up for > 100
I-101 + I-122 + I-144/I-150

If anything it is people around my weight (70-75) that might be a bit off, if I had to do my quiver again I would go:

I-76 + ? now the trouble starts I-94 + I-111 OR I-101 + I-122

A I-101 for light weights might be missing in the line-up, something that serves the same function of the I-76 for the I-86, but with the new short/wide platform.

21st March 2009, 03:21 AM
Hi Davide
See your point but dont quite agree.
Consider middle boards you suggest for 85k group and 100+k group, (using in same conditions)

Your 85 k sailor has about 15 litres reserve.Max width of 63 and tail idth of 45. This would be quite a control oriented set up on Isonic..???

On the other hand I would be on 122.About same reserve but would have a max width of 75 and a tail width of 53. I might be wrong but I would suggest I`d be having control problems quite a it before 85 k buddy.

Which raises the real question

Would a 105k sailor hold a 75cm wide board on water with same control as an 85k sailor on 63 cm. (Assuming all other factors equal) I dont think so ???

Can we really expect a board (like IS122) to fullfill two roles ? Heavyweights medium to high wind board. (with possible speeds approaching 35 knots) And then also perform well as a lighweights early planning board. (with speeds approaching 25 knots) Its a very tall order.Which one was it designed for ??
Suspect the 105 k sailor would actually be better off on Futura 122 ??? (With Isonic 101 to drop down onto)

I think the Futura 122 has similar volume/width ratio as Isonic 101 ??
Team comments ??

23rd March 2009, 11:29 AM
Hi All,

In the PWA rules the best compromise for each weight group must close to this :

Over 85kgs : 86, 111, 133
Over 70kgs : 86, 101, 122
under 70kgs : 76, 94, 111

Hope this can help

All the best

23rd March 2009, 03:18 PM
Thanks Remi.
Any ideas for a 105k rider ?? (His middle board in reality!) 122 ???

23rd March 2009, 06:23 PM

Here you go with Bjorn's quiver (191 cm x 105 kg) for PWA slalom:
iSonic : 86/111/133
Severne Code Red : 5.6/6.2/7.0/8.0/9.0/9.6 m2

source : Surf Magazin,März 2009, p. 92.

Cheers !


12th November 2009, 01:32 PM
And for a 115k rider, what would be the best choice : 94/122/144 or 94/111/144 ?
I don't need a smaller board than the 94
I already have the 144 (2008), sails warp 09 9,0/8,0/7,0 and warp 07 5,8

9m on the 144, best choice no doubt for me, but for the 8m (low and high end) and the 7m (low end only because if fully powered I'll take the 94) should I go for the 111 or the 122 ?

My fins are C3 Venom 38/44/48 and tecto mirage 54, I expect to get a smaller C3 for the 94.

Thanks for your help

12th November 2009, 01:57 PM
Hi Stemeyer,

131 and 144 are same widft but more volume for the 144 so the 121 will be to close, I recommand you to choose the 111, it will be perfect for you 8 and 7m².

All the best

12th November 2009, 02:08 PM
Hi Floyd

I wouldn't say boards are/were designed around 75kg sailor as the target buyer, especially not iSonics. If anything, *board slalom pros are all heavy. That's a good question you're asking, but we all have to make compromises: imagine every board line having (for example) a 100l early planer for lightweights, and then the same 100l model, but control oriented as a highwind heavyweight's tool. You simply can't have everything in perfect proportion (volume, width, etc) across all weight groups.
Regarding your iS choice, I'd say go for iS111 and accept it's a sinker. No way you will like 122 (I use it and like it very much) in coastal conditions with a 6.5 sail.

PS Do I see departure from freeride shapes, Floyd using a full on slalom? ;-)))

12th November 2009, 02:20 PM
Hi Stemeyer,

131 and 144 are same widft but more volume for the 144 so the 121 will be to close, I recommand you to choose the 111, it will be perfect for you 8 and 7m².

All the best

Thank you Remi, I just hope that it won't be too difficult with 8m at my weight because I don't like the 144 with such a "small" sail ...