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27th March 2009, 10:48 AM
I am looking to replace my Carve 133 with the Futura 112 as my big/light wind board.

My biggest sail is an 8.5 and i know the Futura 122 will handle it, but i am wondering if it will be feasible on the 112. I like the width and smaller volume of the 112 as our home spot is a river that gets very choppy really quickly in light winds and the 133 was just too wide and unwieldy in those conditions. So, i need something that will plow through the chop better but can still handle the 8.5.

Size and volume of the 112 is not an issue as i sail smaller boards (82L and 102L) in higher wind conditions.

So, the question is: will 8.5m fit on the 112L Futura?



31st March 2009, 08:25 AM
Any replies on this?

Chris Pressler
1st April 2009, 01:16 PM
Hi Glaroix,
what´s your weight and size and level? You are asking about the Futura 111 or Kode 112?
What kind of sail is it?
Anyway, the 8,5 is on the upper limit. The 122, Kode or Futura will fit very well for sure.
Remi and myself tested the 111 with sails sized 7,5 and 6,5. That was fine.
I was sailing the Kode 122 a lot with the Glide 8,5. That was sweet. I also used the KODE 112 with the glide and spinned out some times. I had to be very carefully with the pressure on the fin and tail, but I had fun, too. Most of the time I used a 7,5 Gator in the KODE 112 for instance. The KODE 112 and the FUTURA 111 are pretty close in the windrange.
Wait for your feedback,

2nd April 2009, 04:27 AM
Hey Chris. Thanks for the detailed reply.

My weight is about 85kg. Tall sailor at 6'4'' and i would say i am intermediate to advanced in skill level.

2nd April 2009, 04:29 AM
Forgot to add that i am enquiring about the Futura 111.
My 8.5 is an Ezzy Infinity.

Chris Pressler
2nd April 2009, 05:01 AM
Hi again,
you can sail with the 111, but would guess, if the 8,5 2 cam sail will be your most used size, that the Futura 122 or Kode 122 would fit perfect.

The 111 will suffer a bit under the relatively big sail. Perhaps you get the chance to test it somewhere.
You can use a big fin, 40 -42. Like I mentioned, the KODE 112 worked with 8,5 Glide, which is a very powerful sail.

If you have smaller sails you will use as well on the 111 you could consider to grab it.

Hope it helps,

2nd April 2009, 07:30 AM
My only concern with the 122 is its width of 72cm. That is the same width as my Carve 133 and it was hard to control in the chop. Do you think the Futura 122 will handle chop better?

Chris Pressler
3rd April 2009, 03:11 PM
Hi again,
the Futuras are very well cushioned boards and much thinner compared to its forerunner. The board does not feel very wide. And the feeling is definitely the main aspect, if you will like the board or not.
But you are looking for a system which is working well. 8,5 and 72 cm wide board is fine. You can cover a wide wind range and will plan in less wind already.

All the best,

rob from nj
23rd April 2009, 09:39 AM

I was reading your comments on the Kode 122 and Kode 112. What did you like about the Kodes? I have seen Starboard's video a number of times and they describe the the kode 112 and 122 as optional free-ride boards. I want to buy a new board in that size range for mostly flat to choppy water for sails 4.5-7.0 in wind 10-30mph. I'm 170lbs. I have tried the futura 122. Loved the board, but it was a little rough in the choppy water and high wind. Do you think the Kode jibes better than the Futuras? Also, are the Kodes almost as fast as the Futuras. I would like to get a Kode because the construction (wood/carbon) and having it a little more maneuverable than the futura. But a some board shops that have not tried the board feel they are too slow for free-ride and the futura would be a better choice for me. In the 112 range, I have read freewave boards are a better choice than a free-ride. Any thoughts. Sorry for all the questions.