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28th March 2009, 01:36 AM
New to the forums seeking some help on getting some gear.
I only have about 5 hours experience on the water, on a trainer windsurfer and I really enjoyed it.

I have a lead on someone who wants to get rid of gear in their garage for $100, 3 sails, and a 190 liter bic reggae long board.

im 5'11", 180 pounds, 31 yrs.

I will be using the board off of New Jersey.

can you guys give me some pointers as to questions i need to ask, or things i need to look at if i go check this guys equipment out?

I understand the fundamentals and basics of the equipment but thats really it. Ideally id like to find my own gear to take a few more lessons with locally rather than to continue to rent.

for 100 bucks im looking at this as pretty much free, i just want to make sure im looking for the right things...

thanks for your time!!


28th March 2009, 07:29 AM
i got some more info from the owner, the board was used for about 2 years, about 2 dozen times, its been in his garage for TEN years :(

the sails are 7.0 4.5 and 5.7 they are mylar, he said the mast is fiberglass, all the glass is in good shape even cosmetics are clean. im going to go down to look at it but im not sure what i need to be on the look out for...

28th March 2009, 09:43 AM
Hi B 737,
First, what sort of "trainer windsurf" board were you on when you learned.
Was it a long board (like the Bic Reggae you are considering) or did you learn
on a more modern wide trainer board.
You CAN get through all your basics on the Bic Reggae, but it may not be easy.
Where on the Jersey shore do you plan to sail.
I'm pretty familiar with most of the windsurfing sites in NJ.
If you are going to be sailing in the bays (Lakes Bay, LB Island, etc. the Bic will work.
You may want to trade in the fairly heavy Bic mast for a better mast right away as it will make learning alot easier.
The sail sizes could work for you in the beginning.
The price sound OK for an older board in really good condition.
Let us know how you get on.
Perhaps come to one of the Sailworks Demo events at Lakes Bay and we can give you some tips to make the learning process easier.
Hope this helps,

28th March 2009, 10:08 AM
roger thanks so much for the post and the advice.
I learned initially on a very wide, long stubby board. (in miami) This bic has a dagger also which makes me feel better. im just concerned about the age. I live off exit 98 in brick nj, so spots i would use the board are in barny bay, LBI maybe inside sandy hook.

Theres not too many commercial windsurf operations near me, id love to take you guys up on the oppertunity in lakes bay.

28th March 2009, 08:12 PM
Hi B737,
OK, now I have the full picture!
I've found that new sailors who have learned on a wide stubby board (like a Starboard Start, Exocet Cruiser and similar 90-100 cm wide boards) actually make the transition to a narrower longer board fairly easily.
The Bic is going to seem very tippy at first, but you will have figured out enough about the "balancing act" required on the Bic Reggae that you will adjust pretty quick.
You will fall in the water a few times, but then you'll "get it" and will be able to balance on any board that will float your weight.
Just remember that you need to keep your weight over the fore/aft centerline on the Bic much more carefully than on the wide board; you cannot "step around" (at least not at first) so your foot positioning is very critical.
Be sure to get both feet behind the mast foot BEFORE your apply any power to the rig and be sure to get the rig up across the centerline so that it balances on the mast foot.
Did the wide board you used in Miami also have a centerfin or centerboard?
If so, that's good, if not, you will have some adjustments we can talk you through to steer the Bic Reggae.
Start out with the 5.7 m2 sail and be sure to rig it correctly.
If you have doubts, rig it your way and send me a photo of it rigged on the beach (or in your dirveway and I can help you get it right.
If the Bic rig package comes with a plastic downhaul pulley (or one with a stamped sheet metal hook) I'd suggest going to West Marine and getting a Harken 408 or 409 16mm Airblock (3 sheaves) and an appropriate shackle (a SS chain quick link might work).
I say this because I broke or straightened out several of the plastic/sheet metal pulleys
in one day when helping some ladies with brand new Bic rigs, all in one day.
The sail requires far more downhaul than the plastic/sheet metal block can handle.
I will be in Lakes Bay on May 16th and 17th, 2009 so mark your calendar and we'll see you there.
Also, for your first sessions on the Bic, be sure to pick lite winds (<15 knots for sure) and favorable wind directions (i.e. sideshore or onshore) NOT offshore.
If you try it in offshore winds, don't go out any further from the beach than you are willing to swim back in towing your board and rig.
Might be good to learn to "self-rescue" if that's not a skill you learned in Miami.
Hope this helps,

9th April 2009, 09:04 AM
Hey guys,

I picked up all the gear. The sails and board are in fantastic shape. you can tell there is some age to the gear but its in good shape. the 3 sails look fantastic, the clear part of the sails, isinglass? looks very clear and good on each of them, but my experience with fly bridge fishing boats that have isinglass enclosures tell me i should apply a conditioner to one of the sails where the isinglass looks clear but feels pretty 'firm'.

The pulley you mentioned roger definitely looks 'light duty' i will go to West Marine and try and find the one you listed above.

The bic has a huge daggerboard like the one i trained on in Miami the owner also gave me to fins i can use as well on the back, he said the tapered one was good in 'weeds'.

the plastic pieces look good, the mast is a single piece fiberglass mast its enormous, its got to be 18 feet long, i have no clue how im going to uphaul it. The board is about 11 feet long, its in good shape as well, huge, much narrower than the one i learned on, but its a lot longer. The boom is in good shape, some pitting on the inner part where it extends out, it connects to the mast with a two lines that are wrapped around the mast then locked with plastic pieces.

he gave me a quick run through of how to set it all up to the best of his knowledge. He did not get into anything on how to set up the little pully.

Im going to rinse everything off, maybe get a few pictures and post them up here.

I will do my best to make it out to Lakes Bay when you guys are there...

10th April 2009, 08:55 AM
Hi B737,
Did you measure the mast?
How long is it in centimeters?
18 feet would be 548 cm and I don't think BIC ever made a 550 cm mast back in the day when your board/rig was current.
Is the mast a sort of coral or pink color (either that or a geen/aqua color were the std. BIC package rig masts, and they were around 460 cm (15.09 feet) long.
OK, you got a "tie on" boom.
That's the first thing you will need to replace.
Look for a modern "clamp on" boom as soon as you can.
The "tie on" boom will always be kinda loose and sloppy, and this will not help you to
be comfortable sailing the Reggae.
It's possible you could upgrade the front end to a clamp on, but a more modern wider boom would be a better investment.
There should only be one line that wraps around the mast with your "tie on" system.
It's normally tied on with a stopper knot on one side, then wrapped around the mast 2 or 3 times, then a stopper knot on the other side. It must be rigged with the end of the boom in near the mast (rotated up normally) and then as you rotate the boom end down it tensions the line.
If you already have some sort of "clamp on" system (I'd like to see a photo of what you have, so if you have issues posting here, send me a "private message" and I'll give you my personal email so you can send the photos) It may be functional. but "2 lines and 2 pieces of plastic" has aroused my curiosity.
I would expect that he did not get anywhere near the required downhaul tension.
Can you rig the sail as the prev. owner suggested, take a photo, and send it to me?
Hope this helps,

10th April 2009, 09:07 AM
thanks so much for the help here roger, and gang... i will take some photos and get more details up here.

The mast is light green. 15 feet sounds and looks about right.

the tie on system you speak of is correct. When i take the gear out and rinse it out i will shoot some photos, the pulley he provided me with is tiny.

thanks so much!