View Full Version : Luff Sleeve Rips/Hole Repair

2nd April 2009, 08:59 PM
Does anyone have a good, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing way to fix luff sleeve rips?

Advice needed on holes ( from rigging) and L-shaped tears ( from masts breaking).

Tried DIY sewing/patching with cloth but it never lasts.

All rips in that standard RAF luff sleeve material.

Willing to sew, glue, tape, till my babies look new again.

Getting tired of justifying them as "waterstart drainage ports".

3rd April 2009, 02:23 AM

I know it sound too easy and crazy...but I repaired both type simply with needle and yarn...OK the esteticks is not perfect, but if the holes are just small (the biggest in my sail was L shaped, the length of it was like 5cm in total).

And it holds the load nicely, and you see the effect only on the mast sleeve (smll directional distortion). Simple and cheap...and proven to work.

I know that racers, and might as well be all of you, will tell me that it ainīt a good idea, but it never a problem on my sails.

Ciao Michal.