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5th April 2009, 02:06 AM
I`m going to byu one of these boards and was wondering which one to choose? What makes me courious is:
- Top speed of isonic 150
- I was also wondering could anyone tell me what is the isonic 150 and Formula 162 upwind angle (beetwen wind direction and sailing upwind) - most important form me.

5th April 2009, 02:28 PM
Hi Jacob,
This 2 board are totally different, the iSonic 150 is a big slalom who will beat in speed the Formula over 12 knots and doing a correct up wind angle, but nothing to compare to the Formula in any wind condition.
Hope this can help

All the best

5th April 2009, 06:28 PM
Hi Remi,
Thanks for a fast answer. Hope you don`t mind few more questions, here`s my situation: I`m livig in north Poland where the wind conditions used to be poor 7-14 knots ussually. Mostly I`ll sail on big lakes. My weight 85kg. I would like to have most fun of sailing in these conditions. I already have an old Fanatic gecko 298 and a NP 7.4 Z1 sail and want to buy another board and sails. What is the best solution then:
- FW162 sails: NP 7.4 Z1; Neil Pryde RS2 9.9; Gaastra Nitro 11,5
- Isonic 150 sails:NP 7.4 Z1; Gaastra GTX 9.8
- Isonic 133 sails:NP 7.4 Z1; Gaastra GTX 9.8
I`ve got money for just one of this kits and want to get most of it, which one to choose than?
And two more questions
- from how many knots the is 150 start planning?
- and which one of these works better in short and frequent waves (I suppose thats what is called choppy water)?
Thanks in advance mate,

Chris Pressler
5th April 2009, 08:19 PM
Hi Jacob,
I would choose the 133. Both sailsizes will fit fine. For super light wind a Formula would be the best choice for your 11,5. The 162 seems to be quite nice in light winds.

Have fun,

6th April 2009, 12:23 AM

Can you borrow/rent some boards? It would be best if you can try both slalom and F and see for yourself. Let me add to what Remi & Chriss have said:
-Upwind and downwind angle: Formula, no contest
-Early planing: Formula
-Top speed: iS
-Sailing in chop: iS
-Handling, gybing, "fun" (in my opinion): iS

It's hard to advise for conditions this light, and not to recommend Formula. I've sailed F for a few years and now I have iS122/9.0 as my big gear, but I have better wind statistics. Where I live there are some lakes where nothing works except the Formula. So you have to evaluate your conditions really good, and how holey the wind is. If you will sail mostly in 7-11/12 knots, slalom won't give you enough TOW.

PS How many days you can clock with your gecko + 7.4 in one year? Do other sailors in your area sail much more (and what do they use)?

6th April 2009, 01:50 AM
Formula is quite different from all other kinds of windsurfing. If you have used a Gecko 298 and a 7.4 and actually got a reasonable number of days on this combo, then I think that a iS 133 with a 9.8 would be a natural next step.
It will plane a lot earlier. You might even consider taking a 9.0 sail instead as it is much easier/lighter/moreConvenient to handle, and a GTX in that size still has a lot of power.

A Formula with a BIG sail (like 11.5-12.0) is undoubtedly an unbeatable light air combo. But when you go down in size to say a 10 m2 sail then it comparatively isn't such an early planner anymore. A big slalom with a slightly smaller sail can be just as efficient as a smaller sail is easier to pump.

6th April 2009, 11:48 AM
Thanks a lot guys,
Your advices are helpfull, anyway I still got the dilema, I think I just need to buy one of these kits and start to sail on it becouse I`m getting obssesed;) - maybe then I`ll calm a little and have a plenty of fun in this season.
Greetings to you all,

9th April 2009, 01:12 AM
If its between a formula and an is150 then you have a tough decision. I have a free formula 158 which I really like (I must since I still have it). Soon I'll have an is150 and I'll keep the FF158. At present I sail with a buddy who has an is 133 (he's a fast sailor with excellent speed technique). The FF158 doesn't have quite the reaching speed, but is a little better upwind in good wind and considerably better upwind in light conditions. The FF158 also carries huge sails with ease and is more secure with cold water sailing and it planes quicker in very light wind; however, once up and going the is 133 will glide through just about any lull. If you're looking for a lot of time on the water and going wherever you want (up and down wind) then go with the formula. If you want a little more excitement and are willing to compromise the lightest sailing days then try the is 150.



12th April 2009, 01:31 AM
Thanks for your post Grant,
At last I`ve made my mind and today I bought Formula. I can`t wait till I`ll get rest of my gear and I`ll have possibility to try it:D

12th April 2009, 03:09 AM
Czesc Jacob.

I think you've made the right choice.

I assume that you are living in Mazury.

I'm from Belgium, maried a Polish, and I've spent 2 weeks of holidays last summer in Nowy Guty (jezioro Sniardwy).
I' m weighing 85kg as well, and I can tell you that my formula 161 was just perfect on the Mazurian lakes. I know a little bit how the wind is there. The formula will allow you to surf almost every day. You will be surprised about the upwind angles the board does. Super when you want "to go" somewhere and not all the time have to do half wind racks and struggle to come back on the same point.

If you want to go fast, on those days that wind really howls over the lake, you would anyway not pick a 150, but something much smaller and faster.

wszystko najlepszego !

14th April 2009, 05:44 PM
Hi BelSkorpio,
You are right I`m gonna use it for most of the time at Warmia and Mazury where I live. Sometimes on the sea. Thanks for your greetings,
All the best for you!