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10th April 2009, 06:09 AM
Dear All,

I recently took the plunge and bought a Phantom 320 for lightwind stuff. Ideally I was looking for an AHD 310 Pro which I found really excelled in not much wind at all; 10-12 mph with old North Duke 6.7 made it plane very well, but could not find one... So I bought the much heavier Phantom 320 and a new Tushingham Lightning 7.8 hoping to capture some similar properties even though their designs are very different.

I have not really had the opportunity to really try this board and rig on the open water, but I hope to very soon and can give my "intermediate level" report if anyone is interested - am I the only person that has actually bought this board? Perhaps I will do my first carve gybe on it?

For the record I weigh in at ~63 Kg suited up.


12th April 2009, 09:41 PM
Look forward to the review?
You should send your review to the LBWS Journal (http://www.lbwindsurfing.com) i'm sure they would be interested.