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10th April 2009, 08:23 PM

For three years ago i bought a RRD Evo 360 (150ltr, L:250, W:75) and started to learn the basics. The problem was that the board was way to unstable, so I was more in the water than up on the board. I bought a Go180, and my skills finally started to get better. After two years on the Go, I am now in the footstraps and have no problems to control the board in moderate winds. Still need to practice more on waterstart and gybing, but I'm getting there.

I still have problems with the RRD 360, but thinks that more due to the shape, than the lower volume.

I would like a new board that can handle more wind without sacrificing too much on stability.

I am 187cm, 100kg, 30 years. We often have wind speeds from 16-25 kts and choppy water. I have sails from 4,7 - 6,9, but would like to have a 8,5 as my largest alternative this summer.

Need help with board and fin selection. My budget is one board, 3 fins and one large sail to fit my 460 mast.

I have looked at Go 144 sport and Futura 144. Anyone tried both?

Look forward to hear your opinions :)

13th April 2009, 12:31 AM
as i am 100 kg also, i will share my experience here
used to be a lake longboarder until last year
now have 1 160 liter wide board {not SB yet, but other boards will be}
my biggest sail was a 7.0 until late last year
now have an 8.5 no cam with a 490 mast obviously {loved cam sails before, but older ones}
8.5 + can be so much fun at our weight and the board is supposed to handle 5.5 to 10.0
my friend and collegue would have preferred a 145 liter, but for me the 160 is fine

when i look at SB 140 range boards, i think the Futura is HOT !!! looks really performance oriented
also, my problem is and it seems to be a common one, how does one decide between iSonic and Futura?

13th April 2009, 09:04 AM
Hi JanHenning,
I agree with Joe here.
The Futura 144 or the GO Sport 144 should be pretty good for you.
I know you want to use a 460 mast, but that's going to be quite hard to do if you
want to upgrade to a 8.5 m2 sail.
You might find an 8.0 that was designed for use on a 460 mast, but you would have to do alot of looking and find a very specific sail that specs the 460 cm IMCS 24-26 mast.
8.0 m2 is normally the cross over to 490cm IMCS 28-32 masts.
What this means is that nearly all 8.0-9.5 m2 rigs are designed around the 490 cm IMCS
28-32 mast.
Putting an extended 460 mast in these sails will not give you the optimum shape.
The top of the sail will twist off far too soon as the mast is simply too soft to support the top of the sail.
So, you would find that your new sail is very flat in the middle and falls off (upper leech very much too loose) with very little downhaul.
Whether you chose an 8.5 with a couple of cams or a camless version, my guess is that you will really like the additional power and you will be able to plane about 2-4 knots sooner in the windspeed spectrum.
If you have gotten beyond the catapault over the front stage, the Futura could be very good. It's light, fairly fast, jibes well..... in essence a very good "all around" board.
If you haven't progressed beyound the catapault stage, then the more durable GO Sport
144 (same shape, just heavier and more durable) might be better.
Hope this helps,

13th April 2009, 11:00 AM
i would go with the Go 144 sport because, as Roger said its bsicly the same board except it will last you longer and i think is cheaper a bit....? correct me if im wrong here guys!! as for sails, take a look at north sails's website, the s-type 8.4m and x-type 8.8m or 8.2m all rig on a standard 460 25 imcs mast with an extender. same deal for the ram f9 8.4 m as well, i would recomend the s-type i think because it has a 2 or 3 cam choice, and at that size you barely feel only two or three cams on the rotations, even though they give you wayy more shape... on the other hand the x-type is a very nice no cam freerace sail... from my experiance with north's trans amms (the x-types predisasors) they re fantastic sails as well... either way thou, you realy need to buy an extender for sails that size on a 460 mast....

13th April 2009, 11:03 AM
oh ya, the Neil pryde V8 helium 8.5 rigs on a 460 idealy as well, that is your light wind sail, NP make AMAZING sails, it comes highly recomended!

14th April 2009, 04:32 AM
and now the mast discussions begin ...

1) not all masts are created equal - Neil Pryde is "flex top"
2) extensions are a "gimmick", local North Sails rep suggests against them
3) as Roger says 8.0 + is a 490 mast - you can get them used
4) a SW Retro 7.0 rigs on a 490 also :-) especially for heavyweights like us

lotsa luck, decisions, decisions....
{i am just jealous, i wish it was me with liquid ca$h :-) }