View Full Version : EVO 2005 74L fin sail ?

14th April 2009, 04:29 AM
Always wanted one, good oppurtunity came up DRAM version

So ...... yes I can read the past archive on size sails but.....
would onyone have a opinion what size sails are optimum for this 2005 Evo 74L ?

and size fins or which "may" work more better ?

64KG for me, and range of sails to suit the most discriminating taste


hi Ola

14th April 2009, 05:10 AM
At your weight, sweetspot 4.7-5.5, sailable with 4.0 if you have to, but then it will for sure feel big. Underpowered 4.5 in nice waves will work too.

At the other end, with the right fin it will take 5.7, I even used it with 5.9 a few times with some success.

Fin size depend s bit on the stye of fin. But with a traditional fin, 20 for high wind up to 22 for light wind, maybe 23 for superlight wind (and slow waves). I recommend the Drake Naturals though. They ride small, so 21-23 would be sweet spot with them.