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20th April 2009, 08:29 PM
Hi All,

Just tried the 1st ride on my iSonic 101 yesterday and it's a great board. I use it together with my Naish Boxer SL 7.0 + 36cm stock fin. A very solid and firm feeling compared to the super cross boards that I've been using.

I occasionally saw people here asking questions about the best fin for this board. It seems to me that Deboichet SL4 is the top pick.

I tried to figure out the available model and price of those fins on the Internet. However, I can find nothing on the Deboichet's website. My impression on the Deboichet's label is that it makes high-end fins for PWA pros. Can anyone tell me whether is it a business oriented firm, does it also accept online orders? Does anyone has info on how to browse their catalog and how to place an order. Could you share your experience please.

Thanks for help.

20th April 2009, 09:28 PM
Try here:

21st April 2009, 06:31 AM
Hi HowieP,

Their web site is under construction, they make a new one.

You can order directly to Oriana at this address : info@deboichetcustom.com

They sell them for all, you just have the avantage to use the same one as the PWA racers.

All the best

21st April 2009, 07:10 AM
If they ever answer your emails. I have email them over 10 times already and nothing yet from anyone there.

22nd April 2009, 01:14 AM
Hi HowieP,

I will buy a iSonic 101, too. I weigh about 80 kg. I prefer the 101 for my north stype 6.6, challenger liquido 6.2 and north duke 5.4. Will I sink, when the wind asleep? What do you think?

Best Greetings

22nd April 2009, 11:56 PM
Thanks all for the info. Having browsed the Sailswork page and I think it's a bit out of my budget. Let me use the stock fin for while before I move on to a better one.

Refer to GFB's question. Perhap I can give your some info

Comments are give based on prevailing condition of 10-13knots flat water. My weight is 60kg. My IS101 is of 2008 model.

I think you are likely to have water line levels the deck when the wind dies down.
I weigh 60kg and my IS101 is of 2008 model (A bit more volume in the nose than year 2009). I've only use that with my 7m Boxer SL (Twin mini-cam). The board floats me pretty well even in zero wind condition. Uphauling is easy for me exceopt that I have to avoid leveraging too much pressure on the foot near the nose. Otherwise you'll dig the nose down. In non-planing condition, I have to keep my weight a bit back, any attempt to weigh my front foot too much would cause the head to become submerged. For tacking, I have to intentionally avoid sinking the head by doing the transition quickly. This is due to a relatively thin head for this board. Beware that this is even more pronounced for the 2009 model.

I think I can still go down to a IS96 but certainly it'll be less forgiving.

With my local wind condition, a 80kg guy should go for an IS111 instead of IS101. I guess the IS101 can only keep you marginally floating on a 6.6 when uphauling. You need to have some speed in order to pop the head out. (perhaps not as worse as a submarine type of ride:)

No worry, another friend of mine is also 80kg. He is going to try my IS101 for the same reason. It's likely that he'll be doing this in the coming 1 month. Keep checking and I'll give you more detail later on.


23rd April 2009, 11:41 AM
Many thanks. 20kg is a big difference. I think I still take the 101. It fits better to my sail range and style. I do not really like sails over 7.8 and winds under 4 Bft. I just want to for less winds again without problems back to the beach. My JP Freeride with 100 liter sink till to my knee without wind. I hope with the 101 i will sink somewhat less.
Many greetings
P.S. Sorry for my bad english

dan e
25th April 2009, 01:27 PM
C3 venom 36/ IS 101/ 7.0 - Very good combo. Can not even compare to the stock fin. Not advicable to use the stock fin. Its a waste of time trying to tune w/ it. You will never see the potential of the IS 101 w/ the stock fin.

At the optimum tuning settings (ie, mast track pos., foot straps, boom height etc. ) the stock fin will spin out.

Its like putting bicycle tires in a ferrari ;)


25th April 2009, 08:12 PM
@dan e

Many thanks for your advice. I will take the is101 for my 6.6. I will try to exchange the stock fins against C3 venom. I will need at least 4 Bft. with this combp and my weigh. For the is111 oder is122 do I need a 7.8 or 8.4 for less winds under 4 Bft. Maybe I will take the is111 for my 6.6 and buy a 7.8 or 8.4 later. I havenīt any opportunity to test. What would you take, if you would weigh 80 kg?


dan e
26th April 2009, 09:46 AM

I think the is 101 has a huge range. I weigh 70 kg. If I weighed 80 kg I still would choose this board. Even the heavier 90kg+ pros use this up to 8.0 sail.

You might want to go a size bigger like a 38 cm C3 venom for you weight. And maybe a 40+ cm for sails bigger than 7.0.


27th April 2009, 03:41 AM
Hi Dan,

thank you very much for your help. I will buy the is101. The specifications are okay for mid to high winds. I will need more about 4 Bft. with my 6.6 north stype and the is101. For less winds I would need the is122 or is133 with sails about 8.x. But this boards are very large.