View Full Version : New fin for my F-type 148 for super early planing

23rd April 2009, 06:32 PM

Do you guys thing a new fin for my FT 148 with standard 56 Drake fin would help in early
If so, which one and what pros/cons can I expect?

My largest and actually only sail I plan to use with this board is 10.0 Gaastra GTX (3 cam) and I don't feel like swapping this combo for a full-fledged formula setup (at least yet :D).



24th April 2009, 03:20 AM
Hi Marek,
Yes, a larger fin in the 62-66 range will help with early planing.
What kind to get will depend on what's available where you are.
You really don't need a super expensive custom formula race fin,
but a used fin in this range will surely get you going (and keep you
planing) a bit earlier.
Getting a full fledged formula race rig may actually hinder your early planing
a bit.
If you want the super early planing, maybe a used formula board is the best way
to get another half a knot lower planing threshold.
The big formula rigs are more about overall range and higher wind stability than they are about low wind grunt and draft depth.
Your GTX, NP V8, Severne Overdrive, Sailworks Retro are all considered "free Race" sails and they really give a little better low wind drive to get you going than a full on formula race sail.
Hope this helps,