View Full Version : Hurricane fins?

25th April 2009, 12:19 PM
I picked up a few Hurricane fins a few years ago for my archaic 02' Starboard156. They seem to perform pretty well for the $. I was able to eak out a new NP RS9.8 this season(the only sail I use on that board). The board will be around for another year. Is it worth investing in a moderately priced fin upgrade for the extra half knot of speed and a touch more range? Suggestions?

Its all about free racing with the local boys (on newer stuff of course).
No course racing...just blasting.

25th April 2009, 12:34 PM
I pay for a Deboichet R-16 Soft with +6 rake and I had a Mistral Devil I hated. But since formula racing in my local spot is the same as you I was very skeptical about the spent dollars on that fin after all the board has no less than 3 years in a closet. Well the board now kick ass and I am killing all my Friend even with new equipment. So if you have the money to spend in a modern fin(1-2 years old) go for it. But I do suggest to go to Carbon sugar.com and or petermans.dk and see what those guys say and recommend about the board you have. You might be surprise about the performance hidden in your board with only a $300 spent.
Hope you understand me.