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3rd May 2009, 01:32 PM
Hello Everybody,

next year i plan to take some time of work and go for a few month windsurfing in places like capetown & WA i am thinking of buying two EVO's for that, but I am not really sure about the size. Right now i have a 73L NewWave which i find in unstable conditions to small.

I am 1.82m tall and 85kg heavy

As a small board I think the EVO 75 would be ok

I feel for me the next ideal step would be up to 85L which does not exist the choice is 80 which i feel is a litle close to the 75 or 90L which i think may be a little big.

I am sure most of you when traveling use only two wave boards so maybe somebody can give me a little first hand experiance.



3rd May 2009, 03:20 PM
The EVO 70 should for sure be on your short list too if you're gonna sail windy conditions. It will still be far more stable and easier in schlogging than the 73l NewWave and a fair bit more smooth and easy than the EVO 75 in big waves and/or high wind. Many "heavy" persons like this board. But if course, it does have less volume than the 74 so in a 100% standstill situation you will sink faster.

As for the bigger board, how light wind and how big sails will you use? How much will be pure schlogging (ie non planing except when on a wave)? Do you want the big board to cover stuff like 5.0-5.3 powered up onshore sailing too?

(And have you considered Evil Twins?)

3rd May 2009, 04:45 PM
Alright, you think a 70 L is easier then a 73 Newave. Sounds interisting.
I am actually looking for an "easy forgiving" board rather then the ultimate pro kit that gives you the last 2%. Do you think with 70L iam ok in the fluky patches in the white water where the curent pulls you of planing.
I have no real experiance with twinsers, I think I will be better of with a single fin I think that gives better up wind and early planing performance. Correct me if I am wrong.

I think I will be sailing mostly in side on to side off. Pure onshore not so much.
As I said Capetown, Coro, Gnaraloo and maybe Canaries (Tenerifa) and Capeverde. Depends a litle which time of the year I can take time off.

I guess if a 70L is ok for high wind sailing lets say sail size from 3.7 to 4.7

The next size should be 80L for 5 to 6.0 m

3rd May 2009, 06:16 PM
Many people at your weight is content with the EVO 75 in good conditions too so maybe that is a better choice if you want to play safe. But the EVO 70 IS actually very, very easy relative to what the volume indicates. Its only a tad smaller then then 75 if you look at width and planing surface and the volume difference comes mostly from the 70 being thinner. So until you are really sinking (ie the whole board is under the water) it is pretty much as effective as the 75.

I'll see if I can get Scotty (who is your weight) to comment further on the 70/75 issue.

Big board: Maybe even harder.

The EVO 80 will be a great all round board at your weight, but not really a floater. 6.0 works, but its a stretch. But its a board that is "high performing" so that you will not feel the need to go for the small board to early.

The EVO 90. Much looser than the size indicated. As long as the wave is not too fast it will for sure not feel to big. The outline actually makes the 90 looser at slow speeds. But for real hard core dtl sailing, either powered up or on a fast wave, the 90 might start to feel big.

The Evil Twin 87: I haven't sailed this one myself but I've used the other ETs. The ET87 might actually be just the "in between" size you need. Twin fins generally lets you handle a bit more width relative the wave riding speed. Upwind and early planing ability seems to depend a lot on the sailor. Some (like myself) are amazed by how much _easier_ it is to go upwind in marginal conditions on the Evil twin. But other have a harder time. In any case, as far as twin fin boards go, the Evil twins are some of the easiest and they are overall rather similar to EVOs. I you want some extra size and float but still want to keep super good performance also for the best conditions, the Evil 87 might be the way to go. Maybe its not so much better than the EVO 80 with 6.0 though. At least not with the original 16 fins. They are very powerful, but 6.0 might be pushing them. Something like a MUFins x-twin 16.5 (or even bigger) would add the necessary fin drive to easily cover 6.0 though (and also tune the board for a more directional feel for times when you might want that).

E70+E80: high performance single fin with good overlap at 4.7-5.0 and even powered up 5.3.

E70+E87 (+MUFins): Similar overlap and performance, but more volume and a taste of twin fin feel.

E75+E80: Max overlap, but maybe maybe unnecessarily close.

E70+E90: Performance at both ends, but maybe a bit "sparse" in the middle. The re may be days when the 70 feels small due to very holey winds but the 90 still might feel kind of big on the wave.

E75+E90: The safes, most "easy going" pair. And if you don't go super, super fast down the wave you will still get amazing performance out of this quiver too.

Maybe I'm just complicating things...

3rd May 2009, 07:05 PM
Hello again,

thanks a lot for the info. I gues the best is to test the boards and then decide, as much depends on skill and preference.

I think the 75 & 90 or 70 & 80 sound good.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply


3rd May 2009, 11:42 PM
Yes, If you can test the boards that would for sure give you lots of more info.

Good luck,

Ola H.