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8th May 2009, 05:26 PM

Need help selecting my high wind board (well high wind to me :-) )

Rider 92kgs with good riding skills.

Wish list:
- 60 Km/h+ speed potential
- Excellent control in nasty confused harbour chop
- Range 4.0 to 6.0 sails (wave to freerace) (guess that's about 20 to 35 knots of wind)
- Good jumping

In short I want everything :-). An ultra fast board that stays in control when the chop gets really nasty, that can be jumped and that is fun in small waves. (not ocean waves)

Suggestions really appreciated.


9th May 2009, 04:45 AM
Hi Christopher

I use a Kombat86 in 20-30 knots and confused water (wind against the current, steep chop, here and there nice swell). I wouldn't say Kombat (or new Kode) is ultra fast, but is ultra controllable. For well powered 4.0 it's too big for me. I didn't like it with cammed sails at all, maybe if blasting is high on your list you should look at some super x design (S-type of a few years back). But then again, set a K with double back straps and freeride fin and you'll squeeze plenty of speed out of it. I am 85-88kgs and I'm not sure if you need to go a size bigger (kode 94) to compensate for a few kgs more.

20 to 35 knots is really a huge wind range, in my opinion you'll have to compromise somewhere. In iffy 20 knots, and 6.0 sail you'll be much better off with a K94. But if you're often in solid wind with 4.0-5.5 sails, then it's 86.

Good luck

9th May 2009, 08:21 AM
You should try the AHD Rebound, great high wind controll, can even do some waves with it. jumping is awsome as well! not the fastest board in the world, but still very fast in the right hands...if you want more speed oriented, but still very versatile and good jumping, the fury is a fantastic super x board.. check them out:
the rebound 83 and 93 should be good for you (93 closer to 20knts 83 closer to 30 knts)
the fury 88L should be perfect for you i think
let me know if you want any more info about the boards, my e-mail is sail4life11@hotmail.com, i also have a dealer for you with extremely competative prices if your interested... if you live anywhere near hood river (the gorge) usa, you can try out the boards before you buy them!

hope this helps,

9th May 2009, 07:33 PM

They all make decent boards too

Let's not pimp actual dealers/shops here ..... every brand out there could start advertising then (free of charge)

Hot Ice
11th May 2009, 05:39 AM
Free Style Wave 90

11th May 2009, 03:31 PM
According to tests the Exo Cross 84 with double back straps might fit the bill, but may have problems with a 6.0 sail. Or then a Fanatic Hawk 93. A speedoriented FSW (rather than wave oriented like Fanatic, Goya, Quatro, Starboard).

16th May 2009, 02:58 AM

You've got 2 choices :

1) Fast & furious above all: a 2006 S-Type 93 will fit the bill perfectly. If you can still find one...

2) Fast, B&J and still "wavy" enough : a Kode 86 or Kombat 86. True do-it-all convertible.

Cheers !