View Full Version : Kode, but 74 or 68?

15th May 2009, 11:50 PM
iam looking 1 small board to sail in strong wind: 3.7 to 4.5m2. i am 70Kg and itīs for high wind/ bump and jump spot

i am thinking in Kode, but 74 or 68?
what is your opinion?

dan e
16th May 2009, 01:14 AM

We are the same weight. I have the Kode 74. I was on a 4.0 yesterday. Winds were gusting to 36 mph. Water was motorcross conditions, bump and jump. Board was smooth and easy to sail. The chop here in the SF Bay is one of the craziest in the world.

Kode 74 is a good all around highwind board for me. I use it a lot in winds 20+ mph.

The Kode 68 would be nice to have though but I wouldn't be able to use it as much as the 74. I'd probably would like to use the 68 in solid 3.5-4.0conditions (30+ mph).


16th May 2009, 02:44 AM

I'd go for the smallest gear as possible in consistant 30+ knots high wind B&J for a light weight rider : Kode 68... No question, the smaller the footprint on the water, the better.

Cheers !


21st May 2009, 10:24 PM

I use similar Acid74 (86kg), but usually in 28-30 knots or more. I think for your weight and smaller than 4.5, go for 68.