View Full Version : Kode or futura

16th May 2009, 01:13 AM
Hi, Can any one sort out my confusion.
I am a yachtsman who is about to go around the world all be it very slowly, 5 years.
I only have room for one board and am very confused on what to choose. I am basically looking fo a great bump and jump board that can handle all conditions with a high sail range. The smallest sail i will be carrying will be a 4.7 ice and i would like to go up to a 7.3 s type but if thats not poss a 6.5 will do. I want a board thats fast good around the corners and can deal with a little small wave riding as well as good in the air. Time on the water is key though.
I have been toying with the kode 94 & 102 or the futura 101. p.s. I way 75kg
Can anyone offer me some advise, many thanks

18th May 2009, 05:41 AM
4.7-7.3 not really possible, even 4.7-6.5 is pushing one board a bit.
For bump/jump and varying conditions, you'll be better off with a Kode rather than a Futura. I think your best bet is Kode 94, maybe a bit large in powered 4.7 for your weight, but best overall compromise for your sail range. You definitely don't need larger than 100 lit, with some practice you will uphaul K94.

Good luck