View Full Version : FIN FOR ISONIC 111 2009&87lt 2007-SUGGESTIONS

21st May 2009, 01:43 PM
Hello...I am a heavy weight sailor (90kg+) using the 111lt 2009 model.(had also the 07 and 08 model).....
I only use one rig with this board,8.3 severne code red with a 44cm tectonics fin,F-8 tomcat...it works really great till 20-24 knots,but in stronger wind although i never have problems holding the sail,i loose control.(the board begins flying over the water-too mych leverage)....i tried a 40cm tectonics F-8 tomcat,(a friend lent me the fin) but didn't have the chance to try it over 24 knots...
Do you believe i should buy the F-8 40cm tomcat (in tectonics web page the say it's ideal for sails 6.5-8.0 and it's designed for the new shorter and wider slalom boards) or should i buy a 40cm tectonics goldwing?
The spot i sail has medium chop in 22+ knots....
I would really apreciate an answer from the team....i can close the gap in almost any kind of wind but loose control of the board in really high wind----this goes for my isonic 87 too-using it with a 32cm tectonics goldwing---in choppy conditions,with a 6.7 severne code red-maybe a 30cm tectonics Falcon slalom would work better?

21st May 2009, 02:57 PM
I am a pleased user of tectonics fins and own falcons and goldwings. First thing: for highwinds and choppy conditions, the facon f1 is the better choice in my opinion. Your 87 with 6.7 would be great with a falcon f1 30. In chop, the 32 could also be a good option.
(i am 90+ kg too, and do sail the sonic 85 with a 32 MFC fin with 7.2, and also with that MFC 32 fin for 6.2. FOr 5.4 I take a 28 goldwing, but want to change this for a falcon f1).

The isonic 111 with 8.3 is quite a big setup for 24 knots I think. The 111 is a big board for that windforce.

21st May 2009, 09:03 PM

I weight 70 kg, have an iS 111 and the Tomcat 42, which I use with my 6.6, 7.6 and 8.4 Maui TR Sails. I love the fin. My experience may not help much given the weight differences, but I would speculate the the either the Tomcat or the Goldwing 40 should be manageable for you in 20 to 24 knots.

I can handle the 42 in 12-20 knots. Above 20 I am on a smaller board. The board is a handfull for me when approaching 20 knots. I could use a smaller fin, but I only wanted to invest in one fin. I could go back to the Drake 38, but spinout is so bad that I prefer the bigger fin.

I would think that the iS 87 and the 32 goldwing would not be a problem for someone your size in winds up to 30 knots.

I would agree with kvda that an 8.3 in 20 to 24 knots is a lot of sail for the 111 even at 90 kg.