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23rd May 2009, 03:10 AM
Hello fellas, referencing this thread

here are photos i took today of the gear.
The sails feel to be in good shape, the isinglass on the two larger sails feels, supple, and well conditioned, i cleaned everything today as well as put a conditioner on the clear part of the sails that we use on the enclosure on the boat (same material). The clear part of the 4.5 is questionable. It seems very thin, almost like paper, i put conditioner on it but i'll just have to see how it holds up. the 4.5 definitely feels like it aged and is drier than the other two larger sails. The clear part of the sails didnt photo well cause they were steamed up as the grass was moist.

All the plastic parts cleaned up and seemed to slide and function well. The boom handle slides smoothly, hinges joints seem smooth and tight. I oiled a few of the pulleys to get them rolling again.

Here are the photos...

Also, i found a local instructor who works out of her house close to where i live, that said, she would get me going on my gear, and if its not up to snuff she'll just have me start off on her equipment. I hope to start within the next week or two with her.

Im most confused by up haul down haul rigging, and i was shown, once, about a month ago how to attach the boom to the mast. The mast is green, its one piece and its gigantic.

the black piece i think attaches to universal joint that clamps onto the board. Im not familiar with the rigging on the universal

those two loops are attached as one line, the line has an end with knots in it. goes through the 2 plastic pulleys on the universal and that small metal dual pulley.

3 sails

Bic 5.7

North sail 7.0

this was the 4.5, MUCH lighter and THINNER than the other two. feels like paper.

one line, two loops, and a knotted end, the plastic 'lever' has a raised rounded knob like a capstan



dagger goes up and down well, fins (came with 2) attach with a screw and drop into place, the teal tab middle bottom, slides aft, then i can push down the gray square button and slide the mast point forward and aft, all parts move freely seem solid.

well im all ears at this point!
the guy i bought the stuff from spent about 30min or so with me very casually going over the parts, but we never attached anything other than the boom to the mast.

sorry long post!
thanks for reading....

- Kevin

28th May 2009, 07:48 AM
if you look about on web , there are plenty of how-to rigging and tuning photos and videos...
basically slide the mast into the sleeve of the sail - to the top {older sails require less manipulation}
{will not go into extension length here = experiment, or figure out numbers}
put the extension with the mast base onto the bottom of the mast
put the plastic hook into the grommet of the sail
tighten slightly
put the boom on the mast - strings go around mast and on knobs
{experiment with boom length}
"downhaul" the sail = pull string tight on mast foot
"outhaul" the sail = pull the string @ end of boom
put sail in water
attach board to mast base
play time
roger has asked you to submit pics rigged

- many details omitted here
- my first rigging was a bic dufour wing with no such clamp on boom :-(

28th May 2009, 09:27 AM
Hi Joe, i was getting the gist of rigging just by laying the parts out. There are also instructions on the sails themselves i will take a look at.
thanks for the input i'll keep digging around and maybe post some pics once i get it set up in the yard!
Hope to get out for lessons in the coming week or so!

28th May 2009, 09:50 AM
Hi B737,
All your purchased gear looks pretty good!
Yes, the black metal tube goes on the mast base.
The mast base is something you will probably want to replace very soon,
for 2 reasons.
The rubber universal joint is really old, and having a UJ break out on the water
can be somewhat dangerous if you are well away from shore.
Also, the Bic mast base does not have enough pulley sheaves to give you the
necessary mechanical advantage.
If you get any more modern sails (much better durability, much better power, and
much more forgiving (the top twists off in the gusts) to use) you will want a modern
3 or 4 sheave mast base.
The pin that is on the bottom of your Bic base can be removed and adapted to a Chinook
or Steamlined type mast base that will have a modern newer UJ and much better mechanical advantage.
Hope you lessons work out.
I would suggest that if your instructor has a wider board and real trainer sails (like the Sailworks Retro Ripper) that you use her board and rig right at first to avoid alot of frustration.
Once you can uphaul, sail and tack (trun around) on the wider board you will find the transition onto your Bic much easier.
Hope this helps,

31st May 2009, 09:21 AM
Hey fellas spent about 6 hours on the water today, 3 on the starboard starter and 3 on the bic!

the 3 hours with the instructor went okay, going straight, turning, turning around, still pretty sloppy but it goes... she showed me how to set up the entire bic rig, we spent some time with it in the water but then she switched me to the starboard, perhaps i wasnt assertive enough uphauling on the bic. She discouraged me from using the bic, and pretty much said to just buy a new starter set up that will take me into intermediate stages, as she felt the bic is more for intermediate and later... the lesson went okay on the starter, still need more time and practice on the water....

that being said...

after the lesson i took the bic rig to a nice quiet cove down the road dropped it in the water and spent about 3 hours with it. I was able to up haul the 4.7 and make about 6 'runs' with it, pretty slow speed. but i was happy to have it up and running! winds were light today and they were onshore which was very helpful.

once i get the board going im not sure of my footing placement, ive been getting started with my front foot nested right up against the UJ in front of mast and my rear foot several steps behind right up against the dagger handle, both pretty much on center line.

i have a tendency to automatically 'let go' when i feel the wind really fill the sail, im not sure why but i need to just try and hang on!

by the end of the 3 hours on my own i was much more confident as to the orientation of the sail and board to get it up hauled. just a matter now, of once i get the forward movement and im balanced where my footing and balance needs to go... ?

31st May 2009, 06:30 PM
Hi B737,
Sounds good. You did vry well for your first time out.
Not sure if your instructor had you placing your front foot in front of the mast foot or if that's something you developed.
Try 2 things that I think will help you to progress:
1/ When you have the sail uphauled, but before you sheet in to put any pressure in the rig, step back with your front foot until it's BEHIND the mast foot.
A good position would be with your toes/foot facing pretty much forward, and placed about 4-6" behind the mast foot and about 4-6" upwind of the centerline of your board/
Place your rear foot about the width of your shoulders behind the front foot, with your heel right over the centerline so your foot is downwind of center.
With this froot placement your board will float very flat on the water and you will be well balanced.
When you are getting underway, only use 2 fingers on your back hand to sheet in the sail.
And, do't "pull in" with your back hand, but rather rotate your upper body (from your waist) only about 5-10 degrees so your back shoulder rotates in toward the centerline and your front shoulder rotates in toward the centerline from upwind.
5-10 degrees will be plenty to get your going.
Sheeting in more just ensures you will stall the sail and fall in the water.
Hope this helps,

31st May 2009, 08:14 PM
awesome, thanks so much for the help roger, i'll give it a go :)

3rd June 2009, 09:59 AM
I have an old bic and am trying to get info on it as well.
The board is solid white and there are no graphics.
My mast base carriage (receptacle/slider?) looks just like B737's except that his locking tab is green and mine is black.
Anyone know where I can go to find the pin and what I should ask for.
Jim P.

3rd June 2009, 11:53 AM
Hi Jim P.
Chinook used to make a pin base that fit the Bics I think.
You might want to talk to a Bic dealer and see if the new style pin base for the 293 OD
will fit in your board.
Otherwise, check with some of the older shops and see.
They may have some pins or complete mast bases tucked away in their inventory or
perhaps in the bargain bin/junk box.
Hope this helps,

3rd June 2009, 08:35 PM
when i sail with the 4.5, where on the track should i adjust the mast base? full AFT? ive been using it somewhere towards the forward part of the first 1/3. when i step back behind the mast when the base is in this position, the sail is raked back...

were actually headed down to Hatteras today, shes going to go kiting and im going to practice uphauling the bic ;)

4th June 2009, 12:11 PM
Hi B737,
Will you be down on Hatteras Island this weekend?
I'll be there as well and perhaps we could hook up and go over some things.
As far as where you need to put your mast foot, with a sail as small as the 4.5 m2
I'd suggest somewhere near the back of the track.
With your current skill set, I'd suggest running all your sails at the back of the track as this should help you to stay upwind a bit better.
Later, with bigger sails, you may want to put the mast foot more forward to achieve specific goals, but for now, back is better.

9th June 2009, 02:37 AM
thanks so much for this info!! we just got back from Hatteras, we camped in Waves. She got some good Kite surfing in and i put in a bunch more hours with the bic. its best for me to stay in 5-10kt winds with that 4.5 sail. the footing placement allowed me to take the board farther and faster!

by moving my feet where you told me to, and i recall my first instructor telling me this, i was able to get the board clipping along, although not on plane of course... the bow was pointed up, water swishing behind me! it was a lot of fun!! im going to keep working on, going straight, then turning the board around after 'ditching' and sailing back.

its an absolute blast and one heck of a challenge!