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24th May 2009, 06:26 AM
I posted this is in the free forum but I think I remember that Roger used dry suits in the past so here we go:

It might be because I am getting older but I am often feeling cold when sailing. Mostly it is is on the beach when having to undress naked (or so) before putting a 4/3 on is annoying. I live in a cold place and in at least one location a dry suit might be justified year around.

So the question is, how about a drysuit? The new generation ones seems easier to deal with, and if the work for kites they should wotk for windsurf? For example the Ocean rodeo Pro http://www.oceanrodeo.com/kiting/pyro_pro


24th May 2009, 10:27 AM
Hi Davide,
I/ve posted a reply on the free forum as well.
I've had my Kokatat GFE suit for about 10 years.
I'm on my 3rd set of wrist seals, 2nd neck seal, and I had them add
the gore tex sox the last time it went in to the factory for repairs and
Like I said on the free forum:
It's like windsurfing in your pajamas!