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28th May 2009, 09:24 PM
Hi, Need some advice to replace my stock fins that seem to lack upwind performance and early planning / speed capability. I'm 85 kgs and use 5.7m 60% of the time...5.3m around 40% of the time. My local beaches have mostly small surf with variable wind direction. Thanks

29th May 2009, 04:31 AM
I have no experience with the et80 but I've used the 70 and 74 a lot with different fins. At first, i used both the original fins and the "gold standard" the MFC TP 16. I thought that the MFCs actually made the board a bit more "sprinty" in feel despite having less area. The boards also got even looser with the MFCs. But after a while i noticed a certain unstable behaviour when bottom turning with the MFCs which did not happen with the original fins. Subtle, but definitely an issue. So from then on I've mostly used the. They give the board a certain slow feel, but actually in my opinion make it go upwind very well once you start to compare with other, not just trust how the board feels.

But if you really want something drivier, I suggest looking at MUFins X-twin. These are very low area fins, but have lots of drive. But for you, I think you should look at at least 16.5, maybe even bigger. I use the 15.5 myself sometimes, and they require a bit more carefulness in the top turn to not slide out, but if you're not so worried with that they are an interesting choice. A more traditional alternative would be the biggest version (17cm) of the MFC Victor Fernandez version. I have not tried the myself, but they are probably the fasters of the MFCs.If you get these, you may want to place them slightly further back in the boxes than the original fins Of the MFCs, the Levi model should be the closest to the ET original fins, but still not as extreme. So if you just want a modest change, the 16.5 version of these might be worth a try.