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5th June 2009, 02:16 AM
Since none answered it on the Team forum I post it here:

can anyone having personal experience with these 2 boards answer the following:
1) upwind/downwind ability (is it true that is145 is more of a free- or mini-formula type of board, and is133 is pure slalom)
2) planning threshold for both (I am aware of the tail width differences)

Intended use: recreational upwind/donwind cruising, experienced sailor 75-78kg, sail 9.4 2cam (and may be 7.5 later to add),

Thanks a bunch in advance

mark h
6th June 2009, 03:18 AM
Hi Paulk
Yep, the 07 iS145 is more "free formula" in feel/sensations. The08 & 09 iS150 is shaped more for XXL slalom feel though (if thats an option for you). The iS133 is pure XL slalom design, but it still has decent upwind performance (think figure of 8 courses) but not on par with formula.

At 75/85kg, the iS133 and a 48ish cm and 54ish cm fins with your 9.4m will easily cover your 7-14 knot wind rang. No need for a 7.5m, but for the record the iS133 will feel real bad with a 7.5m. Im guessing your 9.4m is a Lightning/formula light? If it is, you already know these have a big tunning range with strong wind potential.

The planning threshold for both will be similar. The wider (but softer railed) iS145 will be able to carry a bigger fin so will have the edge upwind in sub 10/11 knots, but once the wind picks up to 15ish knots, the difference will be pretty small.

Both will do a good job in your given wind range, but seeing as your more light to middle weight (and not cruiser to heavy weight) you'd probably get more fun/performance out of the iS133.

Just my 2 cents worth

dan e
14th June 2009, 01:36 AM
Hi Paul,

I've been using the 2007 IS 145 for 2.5 years now. I'm very happy w/ it. I weigh 70kg.

The fin choice is the most important factor in getting this board dialed in. I've tried a lot of fins on this board from 51"-62". The Select RS7 53 cm works the best w/ this board. Its well balanced. Slippery, no draggy feel. Just the right amount of lift and power on all points of sail. Board feels like a hydroplane. Glides over chop. I sail in the SF Bay area and the chop here can get real nasty.

I use all the rec settings; foot strap, mast track.

Sails I used;
For '07 - Maui sails TR3 9.0 (nothing great)
For '08 - NP RSS MK2 9.2 (very nice)
For '09 - NP RSS MK3 9.5 (excellent)

Once I get overpowerd I jump to my 7.0m/IS101/36cm fin.

I used to sail formula boards w/c is why I like using the IS 145. Good for light wind cruising at any point of sail. It also has a chicken strap for sailing down wind over powered. Also much more comfortable cruising on a beam reach than a formula board.

I like this board so much that I was thinking of having a custom board builder copy it when its time to have it replaced (w/ a little improvements of course)

The IS 133 would probably be a good replacement for this board too. Which is
probably the way I would go. But I won't be selling my IS 145 until I am convinced that the IS133 is a better board for me. If not, I'm having the the IS145 cloned ;)

IS145, 101, 86, Kode 74
NP RSS MK3 9.5, 7.0, 6.2, 5.5
NP Hellcat 5.2
NP Zone 4.7, 4.0, 3.5

14th June 2009, 06:15 PM
Hi Dan
Which setings You are using?
My best setings : mast base ful back, boom low, fin RS7 53 (reraked 2 cm to front), sail (Simmer SC/NP V8) 9m2 tuned flat. Notice - for IS145 not play any sail (in range 9m2) with deep profile.

dan e
15th June 2009, 01:23 AM

Mast track - center (recommended)
Front strap - outboard center (recommended)
Back strap - outboard back
Boom height - 53 inches (from bottom of mast extension to center of boom head/ tube)
My height - 5'11"
weight - 70 kg
Sail - NP RSS MK3 9.5, down haul/ out haul to rec. setting. Tried diff. settings. Deviation of +/- 1 cm did not work.
Harness line - 30 inches
Harness - Hot sails maui wave seat ( seat harness did not work)

Boom has to be very stiff to be able to ride the fin properly. I replaced my old Fiberspar carbon 220 boom w/ a NP X9 carbon 225 boom. It made a huge difference. Very difficult to trim the board when the boom distorts in the gust and chop. With my old boom my board speed decreases everytime I hit a chop making it difficult to sail. With the stiffer boom I can power on thru the chop w/o loosing speed and board trim.

I think the recommended foot strap/ mast track positions for the IS145 should be used. The only thing to tune would be the boom height/ harness line length. The sail should also be rigged to manufacturers rec. settings.

If you really have to adjust the mast track, use not more that 1 cm back or foward from center.

Stock fin and CNC milled fins don't work. Use only molded carbon prepeg fins.


17th June 2009, 12:39 AM
Thanks Dan for nice report.
What are board state when ride the fin?
You sink leeward rail similar like in picture: (http://www.carbonsugar.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/flying-the-fin.jpg), or keep board horizontally?

dan e
18th June 2009, 01:59 PM
I don't rail the board with this set up unless fully powered up going up wind. Maybe w/ a longer fin.