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14th June 2009, 04:06 AM
Hi freestyle gurus

I started to practice the grubby for half a year. After cca. 100 attempts I succeeded very rarely, and had a few exit in waterstart position ("wet"grubbies...), but also some "dry" ones.
But in the last few weeks I have simply forgotten it!!!
I can't rotate the board, always land too early and the fin catches the water, I will be pushed back to the water by the sail. Surely I have not enough speed, but overpowered I always get into the semi-loop. I also tried some flatwater spinloops if overpowered, but I was unable the complete it totally, always some kind of waterstart was the result. In winter covered by 10 mm neoprene it doesn't hurt... But now I am in the unfortunate halfway-situation: if enough wind I do (not completed) loops, if underpowered (not completed) grubby failures.

Please help me with some ideas. Which is the most advisable (easiest) direction to do the grubby? I often go downwind and (because of the choppy water) loose my speed to pop really up. In halfway to the wind I am afraid of performing the semi-loop, I feel the sail is not enough "neutral".

However, what are the main points which decide between grubby and spinloop? I feel at the spinloop that I should put the sail UP and FRONT while sheeting in and extend the mast hand, and at the grubby I have to RETAIN the sail BACK and DOWN.

I think I should be able to perform this 2 moves, I stand quite steady willys, volcans and all kind of spocks.

Thanks for your help


Taty Frans
14th June 2009, 08:16 PM

Most people are doing the same mistakes when concerning the grubby, they always feel like keeping the sail sheeted in when jumping for the grubbt and this makes you rotate in a spinloop.

The grubby secret is to bare down wind, not jumping to high, just kinda get the fin out of the water sheeted in is to just buy getting the board out of the water, when the nose hit the water and the tail is out of the water you have to sheetout or actually push or stretch your back hand this will keep the board not by going into a loop, but sliding on the water.

the more you push with you bacl hand into the wind you will realize that the board will start sliding and going into the grubby rotation.

A spin loop is better by looking for a steep chop, then pushing the sails forward at the same time look over your shoulder and sheetin in as fast as possible and move your body in a spin rotation.

let me know if this helps.

Taty :)

Chris Pressler
18th June 2009, 05:35 AM
Hi Laszlo,
check out some vids: http://www.continentseven.com/windsurfmove1515.html
and focus on the main part: "when the nose hit the water and the tail is out of the water you have to sheetout" (great description Taty!!).

good luck,

18th June 2009, 04:09 PM
Hi Chris

It's great to get advices from the most experienced freestylers of the world.
I will practice all of the next days (Achtung, at Neusiedlersee you will also have some windy days in the next future, if you're at home!)
I try to concentrate on the tail kicking to downwind after popping and leave the sail neutral - clew to the wind- until the board turns.

By the way, what is your opinion about the Flare 99 of 2007 in medium- to lightwind? (84 kg, 6.4 Gaastra Echo). I read that you used it before.


Chris Pressler
20th June 2009, 02:37 AM
Hi Laszlo,
I have been using the Flares in this size for so many years now and always realized that the board got better and better. I really like the this years 98 model. Use it in wood carbon construction.
Good luck for the Grubby,