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24th June 2009, 10:46 AM

My wife and I are looking to upgrade our aging light wind board combination. I weight in at about 79kg and my wife is about 65kg. We are looking at boards in the 80+ and 90+ liter range and are considering two of the following options:
1) Kode 94 and an Evo 80
2) Evo 90 and a Kode 86

My wife is an experienced windsurfer but seeks comfort and control in a board, prefering to use a 80+ liter board when possible, but will use 90+ liter board when the wind is light (say for a 6.4m sail). I, on the other hand use the 90+ board in the lighter winds, but look to use the 80+ liter board in waves or rollers (common on the Chesapeake Bay when blowing over 20mph).

The question is, which board combination would better suit us. My wife thinks the Kode 86 will be a better match with her than the Evo 80 (she has an old F2 Axis 84 liter board and is concerned that going to 80 liters will compromise early planing). I feel the Kode 94 will excel in planing and speed for me in the lighter winds and smaller wave/chop, while the Evo 80 will be quite approachable for my wife when its light.

Can anyone offer a recommendation on our two options? What differences could we expect between say a Kode 94 vs. Evo 90 and similarly a Kode 86 and Evo 80?

We'd appreciate your opinions if you have experience with these boards.

Thank you,
Mike & Jen

25th June 2009, 03:59 PM
Hi Mike and Jen

For the big board, I think you'll be better off with the Kode 94 which is a livelier and more agile board. Big EVOs (relative the sailor weight) stay very loose and nice on the wave, but don't add much in terms of early planing when oversized. An EVO 90 would be easier to develop you (front side) wave riding on, but it sounds like you don't get much in terms of wave in this light winds.

For the smaller board, I think both will work. Your wife need not worry that the EVO 80 will feel to small. In many ways it feels just as big as the Kode 80 and the planing surface is pretty much as wide. The EVO 80 is, I would say, the liveliest and earliest planing EVO and I think that in this case it would work well for a 65kilo sailor. And for you, as you say, the EVO 80 will be easier in wave too and still feel nice in B&J too.

So I think your suggestion no 2 sounds like the best option.