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scott harrison
6th July 2009, 02:07 AM
Hi guys

just looked at the quad mini site - very nice , while my initial recation was to be considering the 76 for 3.7-5.3 action i noticed it is 5.7.5 wide -- woooo! i usually ride evo 75 or jp twinser 76, both 55 wide and that seemd great.

Should i look at the 71 ?? if im not lit on a 5.3 i will be on a 90 liter board anyway.


6th July 2009, 03:41 AM
Can I ask how heavy you are?

6th July 2009, 03:18 PM
hi scott
both boards are nice.
I don't think the 76 feels particularly wide. I've used a 5.3 on it and it feels fine. To be truthful I've not sailed smaller than 4.7 on the 76, and obviously size wise the smaller the sail the more suited the 70 will be.
I weigh 85kg's and would go to the 70 myself in smaller than 4,7 but I reckon the 76 would be fine to 4.2
scott McK

scott harrison
7th July 2009, 06:06 PM
Thanks guys,

i'm about 78 k's at the moment (12 stone in old money).

I guess it's all about how the 71 would perform in comfortably powered 5.3 weather, i do like small boards 'cos i do like my jumping, and i only want to carry 1 wave board.

Looking at the site it would appear that the 76 and 71 are quite different shapes - are the small ones more control biased and consquentially worse (pro rata) at early planing and upwind ?

Cheers in advenace

10th July 2009, 12:38 AM
No I wouldn't say that.
Throughout the range the benefits of the fins are apparent. Just of the various boards tested this was the one that came out on top in that size.
Powered 5.3 the 71 would carry no problem.
At 85kg's I can even put put on it, but would prefer 76 in that scenario

10th July 2009, 04:01 PM
hi Scotty and Ola,

I have actually an acid wood 86 08' for lightwind (15-17 knots to 20-25 knots in gusty or marginal conditions, sails 5.3-5.0 maybe 5.7).

I'am 83kg and I would like to change it (I love it but It's a litle too big for me). Idealy I need a 83-85 liters and 58 width. I have an evil 70 for other conditions ( 20 to 40 knots). I love small board without too big volume.

Do you think the quad 81 could be perfect for me in my lightwind conditions?

11th July 2009, 03:47 PM
I got my boards a few days ago and was out on underpowered 5.0, onshore. I'm 72kilos. I first used the 81 and then the 71 (I did not get out ont he 76 until the day after). Anyway, even though it was really marginal, I was surprised at how effective the 71 felt even in this light wind, onshore, downwind current situation with a baggy powerful 5.0. So even though you're a tad heavier I think the 71 will handle powered up 5.3 very nicely.

On the other hand the 76 felt very nice too (used it with 5.5 side to side on, head high waves) and I didn't really feel the extra width as something negative. In fact, it has a really nice compact feel to it which I love. So despite being very similar to the 81 in width, it really feels like a smaller board. So also the 76 could prove to be a good all round board for you.

Not easy to say, in other words.

Sailpower: I'm much lighter and Scotty will be able to provide better info, but I think the 81 would do a great job for you and complement the ET70 very nicely.

16th July 2009, 05:57 AM
I reckon Ola's on the mark nd that'll be spot on for you

17th July 2009, 03:24 PM
Thanks a lot Ola and Scotty

I ordered my new quad 81 wood carbon ;) I would receive it at the beginning of august. I am very curious to try it

23rd July 2009, 02:55 AM
Good sailpower. Be sure to report. I've had many people try my 81 out and they seem to be smiling a lot...

On the 76 and width: Yesterday I sailed it with powered up (and underpowered) 4.2 (after first using the 66 and then the 71). Waves was around 2m at first and then got really small in the end (see image below). One need not worry about the width. It was super easy and controllable and I didn't once think about that I had such a big board under my feet. Pretty cool that I was sailing 52.5, 55 and 57.5cm wide boards in the same conditions and they all worked just fine.

photo: Basse.

23rd July 2009, 09:52 PM
Hi there,

Got quite interested in the Quads lately and was also a bit suprised about the widths.. Since I had to repair my ACID74 beneeth the footpad on the most used jumping side, it seems like replacement time. I think I will understand the Quad shape much more when you can explain how it stands compared to Evo and ACID.

I sail an EVO80 '08 and Acid74 '07 on the North Sea in the Netherlands (with 82kg). I love to be powered up (on the foamy inside) and will use 5.7 blade '09 (uptill 30 knt)' on the EVO80. The swith to 5.0 (25+ knt) normally means I get the acid74 out. The Evo80 for me has the nice backfoot turn up and easy pop-back from the top on smaller waves. The Acid has a calmer ride and feels save & fast on the wave faces. Of course you all know this..

Regarding this description can you tell me (when you had the choice), which board would you replace first, Evo80 or Acid74, by a Quad of what size? What board would you remain beside a Quad, in case you lived in Holland, with less then perfect waves (5/6 seconds interval) rolling in? Or would a replacement of both boards to a convertable be better (what size?)??

Thanks a lot and have fun ripping!

Jan Willem

24th July 2009, 02:43 AM
I know your conditions and actually sailed in Scheveningen once, but it was a long time ago.

First, you have two awesome boards already that you seem to know well and like. As long as they can be patched up, there is no absolute _need_ to replace anything.

But sometimes new stuff is fun and can also inspire to more fun sailing. It is not easy to say which of your boards that you would benefit the most by changing. If the Acid is breaking down, that would of course be a reason to replace that one. But lets forget that and just look at the shape and ride qualities. Then I think the EVO 80 would be the one to change. The E80 is an amazing light wind wave board and I had it myself for many years and had some amazing sessions on it. But even last year after starting to rie the Evil twins I felt the E80 felt a bit dull. I changed my sailing style a bit and went out on ET74 or 70 (the ET70 is an amazing schlogging board despite its small size), sacrificing comfort and "power" for more looseness. But now with the Quads I've been super happy on the 76 and 81. Both are very loose, yet have an amazing amount of drive and grip in the turns. The 76 and 81 are pretty much as wide, but the 81 is a bit longer and will surely handle 5.7 better at your weight.

If you would like to replace the Acid 74, I think the Quad 71 is the natural choice. While the 76 is still a good board for 4.2 been for me at 70 kilos as I wrote above, the Q76 is still far bigger than the Acid 74 and to close to an EVO 80 or Quad 81 to have both (for most people).

The Q71 will offer more grip and acceleration in the turns, better upwind and just super cool feel in the waves. The Acid will still have an edge when it comes to that immaculate sharpness and the feel of the rail cutting through the water, but on the Q71 it is easier to drive the board vertical and you can push it any way you want in a top turn without the board ever giving you surprises. So, as I see it the Q71 is an upgrade. But that said, the Acid 74 is still so very good at what it does and a very "contemporary" board. So in the end it's a question about style between those two.

But with in the big size, I think it's just not a fair match anymore. As good as the EVO 80 is, and it's indeed a classic by now, I just can not think of anybody that likes the E80 that wouldn't be blown away by the Quad 81. There are many similarities on general feel, but the Q81 will plane up easier, go better upwind, be looser and easier to initiate turns on, be easier to nail the top turn at speed and still offer more top turn power at slow speeds, have a wider range of wave riding speeds where it excels generally and so on. And I think that if you get the Q81, you will sail it more that you sail the E80 now since it does not start to feel big as early. So if will offer a lot of sailing for for the money, I reckon.

Personally, I don't think you need to go for the convertible. The only reason would (maybe) be a tiny smidgen of extra (feel of) speed in a straight line. But as soon as you're in waves, particularly the conditions you have, the upwind power of the quad setup will kill the single fin setup easily.

24th July 2009, 12:57 PM
Thanks Ola!!!

This gives me exactly the understanding of Quad characteristics, you interpret my questions well!! I notice that the quad is slightly more towards the short turning stuff, which leaves a little gap for the Acid on these bigger-down-the-line days. Since these days are seldom overhere, I am still tempted to turn to the Q76 as a single choice board though. The E80 now gives me a slightly too early "wide" feel at around 25knts (with 58,5cm). So getting a cm off with the Q76, might be my choice. Compromise the early planing a bit for more solid fun! And when it indeed would hold 4.2, I might go for single board usage. In my experience one really starts to understnad a board, by riding it in all conditions, which improves ones overall performance (and makes the choice simple!). Also saw some other comments on this site that seem to make the Q76 a slight favourite...

Thanks again!

Jan WIllem

24th July 2009, 03:22 PM
Yeah, that might be worth a go and I agree it's good to really learn a board. But i would still keep the Acid 74 until you tried the Q76 a few really windy days.

27th July 2009, 01:28 AM
Hi Ola,

Is the Q76 able to carry 5.6 S1's with 80Kg's ?

In terms of outline width (tail and overall width) it is a small difference when you compare the Q76 and Q81; how is your sailing experience ?

Low-wind planing vs high wind control ?

currently owning the evo 74-06 and evo 80-09; looks like a quad of the right size can cover both, might be great.


28th July 2009, 10:37 PM

Yes, as far as I (weighting in at 72) can tell 5.6 should be perfectly OK on the 76. For me 5.5 felt FAR from the limit. Rather kind kind of sweet spot. I think this is a board that has a very wide range and even at my weight it is surprisingly easy to handle with a 4.2. The limiting factor for me on this board is wave riding speed. At higher speeds it comes a point when there is too much tail to handle in the top turn. But I would still say this point is further up the speed range on the Q76 than on the EVO 74 and 75.

So, the Q76 could very well also for you be the perfect one board to replace both your current one.