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6th July 2009, 02:35 AM

Has anyone else had a problem with cams popping out on Tush Lightnings ? j've only used the sail 3-4 times, but Just had a cam pop out of an 8.5 while sailing, which caused me some grief.

6th July 2009, 04:15 AM
Wrong mast dia?

8th July 2009, 02:39 AM
Don't think so - bought it with the sail. Since I posted this though, I found that either the cam itself or the batten has broken ...

8th July 2009, 08:06 AM
Hi dsowerby,
What year model is your 8.5 m2 Tush Lightning?
Do you have the roller cams?
Are you having any issues keeping the cambers on the mast while rigging?
I looked at the 2009 Lightning rigging guide (there's a .pdf file on the Tush
site under rigging) (http://www.tushingham.com/sails/rigging/2009/lightning).
Seems like you need to pay particular attention that the cams are pulled down the mast until the cam and batten are really perpendicular to the mast.
If you let them "ride up" a bit the rollers won't engage and you would most
likely have issues with the cams rotating or perhaps popping off the mast.
Are you in the UK?
Perhaps a call to Roger Tushingham or Ken Black might help you solve the
problem. I've met Roger T. and he seemed the type who wants his products to
perform well and would be willing to help you with tips to get the most from your
Hope this helps,

8th July 2009, 02:39 PM
I have had loads of problems with those cams. You will probably find one of 2 things.

1:- The batten may have snapped just where it enters the cam. Remove the batten and you will soon see. The small bit that remais is a right bitch to remove so good luck if that is the case.

2:- Where the batten enters the cam may have widened. It should be a slot but the plastic seems to be a bit weak and may have stretched to an oval shape causing the problem you describe.

Good luck with it. They are a great sail when they work. I just hope Tush can sort these cam problems. Probably not even their fault. Factories are well known for not using the materials specified by the manufacturer at times.

9th July 2009, 05:36 AM
There are many problems with Lightnings at my club, all caused by the battens breaking where they enter the cams. Even the battens on the demo Lightning at a recent Starboard/Tushingham demo day were broken - not a good advertisement! Having said that I used a 9.4 Lightning for a couple of years without a problem, so the current problems are probably due to poor materials or the battens being too thin.
I hope Tushingham address these problems and provide a (free) fix.

11th July 2009, 04:00 AM
Thanks to all for their feedback.

Like afblaster I find the sail really good when it works - it's a shame it broke while I was on holiday!

As an aside, this is a good opportunity to publicly thank the lifeguards at Newport, Dyfed in Wales ... my life wasn't in danger but they were very prompt and very helpful when the sail broke .. for which I am very grateful.

Roger - I wrote to Tushingham at the same time as I posted this thread and they did get back to me very quickly - I've sent them some photos which may help them diagnose the cause, but their response has been impressive so far; I've been the slow one. (Well, I am on holiday)

I'll update the thread when I have some news


12th August 2009, 05:59 PM
Any news on this issue?
I actually considered ordering Lting 9.4 2009 (I still have 2005, it's a good sail).
After reading this thread, I'll think twice...
May be 2008 (probably still available) doesn't have this issue?
Else, I will order Ezzy Infinity 9.5, I guess... Any experience with this?


13th August 2009, 01:48 PM
Hi Paul

In the end I found it was the cam itself that had broken, the batten entry point had warped allowing the batten to pop out - the batten itself was fine.

According to the guys at my club, this is a well known problem, and the cam has been replaced (by Tushingham). This was also described by someone unregistered earlier in this thread.

The new cam has rollers on the outer edges instead of the inside of the curve, and is reputed to be better. I've only used it once since, in fairly benign conditions, so I can't be sure the problem is completely fixed.

It does make the sail harder to rig though ...

I've no experience of the Ezzy Infinity I'm afraid ...