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9th July 2009, 04:25 AM

I'm bought now an iSonic 144 - 2009 for lightwind (for a 7.3 m2) sail. Maybe I will windsurfing that board also with a sail 6.0 m2 (before the change with higher wind to my sonic 100 l - 2005, with the same sail, and after that, if the wind will be higher: sonic 100 l with sail 5.2 --- after that kode 86 l ... with 4.0-4.5 sail). My quastion is following: what kind of fin propose you for iSonic 144 with the following rigg: 6.0 Hot Sails Speeddemon, 92% Carbon Hot Sails mast, side on mono boom?

Thanks in advance: Tox

mark h
9th July 2009, 07:00 PM
Hi, you'd probably get away with a 40/42cm with your 7.3. But 6m would be a bit on the small side for the iS144. Is a 7.3m your biggest sail?

10th July 2009, 04:24 AM
Thank you,

the 7.3 is my biggest sail - that means that the standard fin for iSonic 144 (Race NR 520) much bigger as I need?

Yes I know that 6.0 is a littlebit small for 144 l, normally I'm use that for the 100l sonic - but sometimes it's not enaugh wind for 100l/6.0qm but enaugh for 144l/6.0qm or 100l/7.3qm? Maybe the last version is better... For the sonic 100l I have 34cm and 28 fins.

Regards: Tox

10th July 2009, 08:54 PM

How much do you weigh? It's hard to give advice without knowing your weight. I am guessing that you are small since the iS 144 is really made for light winds and big sails with an 8.5 - 9.5 being the ideal size.

Same deal with recommending a fin size, it depend on your weight and the wind conditions you are sailing as well as the type of sailing - freeriding or slalom racing.


10th July 2009, 09:59 PM
Tox: to tell you the truth you have selected the wrong board for what you want to sail in regard sail size. IF your biggest sail is a 7.3 you should off have selected the iSonic 122 as your biggest board. Sorry to say this. The isonic 144 was design with Antoine Albeau in mind thinking that he would like a board with more volume for his weight. But when he tested the iSonic 133 he chose the 133 over 144. The reason was thet the 133 was easier to handle in more wind and it plane in the same wind speed as the 144.
That board depending on your weight you almost can use it for Formula.

13th July 2009, 04:22 AM
Dear All,

thank you for the comments :-)

Ken, my weight is 88 kg.

The idea for this board was following: earlier I had a sonic 100l + an s-type 126l. I'm think that it is better to have instead the s-type 126 the isonic 144 for lighter wind. Now is my largest sail 7.3, but later I'm plan also a bigger sail, 8.8 qm.

In this case I'll have following board and sail range:

iSonic 144 - 8.8 Hot Sails Speeddemon, 7.3 Hot Sails Speeddemon

Sonic 100 - 6.0 Hot Sails Speeddemon, 5.2 Neilpryde Hellcat (maybe I will use also for that board the 7.3)

Kode 86 woodcarbon - 4.5 Neilpryde Search, 4.0 Severne Renegade (maybe I will use also for that board the 5.2)

I'm hope, that with this combination I can enjoy also flatwater conditions by light wind at home (Hungary -lake Balaton), and also other surfspots like Prasonisi, etc.

PS: by the board range 85 - 125 I have not problems with choosing of fins, but with the iSonic 144 I have nothing experiences - that was becuse I had some questions.
PS2: earlier was windsurfing my big hobby but unfortunally I'm skipped 10 years and I restarted it last year - that is the background for the questions...

I'm waiting for good ideas and once more, thanks for the earlier comments :-)

Regards: Tox

14th July 2009, 08:26 PM

With an 8.8 as your largest sail, I don't think the 144 is the best board for you. You should consider the 133 as a better option. I think the 144 is best suited for a heavy sailor (95 kg) with large sails (10.0). The 133 and 144 are very similar in size, only a difference in volume. The extra volume of the 144 won't help much unless you go to a larger sail. Both boards have the Drake 52 cm fin, which will work well, but for earlier planing, a fin around 56 cm will be a better choice. The only down side of the Drake fins in my opinion is that they tend to spin out more frenquently than other custom fins. This shouldn't be a big factor with the either the 133 or 144, but when they do spin out, they are really hard to pull back in.

A lot depends on the wind conditions that you will be sailing in. If you want to get going in 9 to 11 knots, you will need at least a 10.0 sail with some pumping to get planing. If you don't go out unless it's 12 - 15, then your 8.8 will work, but you won't need the 144, the 133 should be plenty of board.

The ideal board size for your sails is the 122, but that's too much like your s-type 126.

I hope this helps,


27th July 2009, 09:15 AM
I tried my 7.5m KA Koncept on my I Sonic 144 with 46cm Vector Maui Rockit fin and it felt a little small so i would think that you really wouldn't want to use less than your 7.3m on the board. As Ken said 8.5 to 9.5m is perfect and my 9.0m KA Koncept works great on the board with the 52cm Drake fin.