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10th July 2009, 04:58 AM

it's me again, my new sailing spot in Québec city require a weed fin. I found some online, with a sizing chart for the fin size in fonction of the sail size.


My question is: Since a GO 155 is a bigger board, does it need a bigger fin than the general recommendation for a certain sail size ? Or are these charts independants of the type of board ?

Thank You

10th July 2009, 07:18 AM
Hi Youri,
Weed fins are a little different.
What size sails are you using on your 85 cm wide GO 155 (I checked '06; '07; '08 and they all seem to be 85 cm wide).
If you are using sails larger than 8.0 m2, and you are planing and back in the outboard rear straps, then I'd suggest getting a fin that's pretty close to half the width of your board.
The True Ames Blade Weed fins on the windspirit-direct website are pretty good, and they shed pretty much all weeds. But they are => 45 deg. leading edge angle and this diminishes the upwind performance some.
I like the True Ames Shallow Water Weed fins a little better as they are progressive rake and give better upwind performance.
I'd suggest the 17.5" (44 cm) Shallow Water Weed for your GO 155.
Another really good fin would be the Tangent Reaper 42 cm.
If you are willing to buy overseas, look at the Design Lessacher Formula Duo.
You can get by with the 36 cm as these fins are very fast and powerful and feature the
assymmetrical foils.
Whaterver fin you choose, try to stay at more than 36 cm span (depth).
Weed fins have alot more area than vertical slalom fins, so you can go a bit smaller, but to get the best performance if you are in the back and outboard straps, it's best to stay
=> than half your board width.
Hope this helps,