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20th July 2009, 04:56 PM
Hi there,
We've a problem called Starboard GO Friendship 180 l. It's nice and behaves good with my husband. As an old member of our family who still makes my husband happy, we don't want him to leave us. But he's not so nice when I approach him. Won't go upwind at all. So we need some expert tips for what to do next.

Is there any chance he would start obeying me if we found side-fins somewhere? I have no problems with dagger boards, they respect my authority quite well.

If you think side-fins could help me, do you have any idea where to find them? Starboard retailers here in Finland couldn't help us.

Buying Starboard Rio for me would be the easiest way to handle this problem but we are afraid of how our GO would respond to a new board in the family. Jealousy etc.

Our GO likes light winds and 6 m2 sail.

Thanks if you have time to answer these questions
:) MC

20th July 2009, 09:44 PM
Hi MC,
Do your have the GO/Friendship with 3 holes in the rail?
The side fins might help, and they do what they were designed to do, but once you start to get planing on the GO/Freindship, they need to be taken off as the 3 small screws cannot take the load of planing sailing.
If your "big" sail is a 6.0 m2, you really need some larger sails (7.5 & 8.5 m2 would be good).
As far as getting the GO to "go upwind", you need to stand slightly off center (upwind) and tip your board so the upwind rail is a little lower than the lee rail.
Your GO will head upwind very nicely.
You need to get it planing, then get back to me here and I'll explain what changes as soon as your GO gets on a plane. Basically, everything is sort of backward between non-planing with your 6.0 and fully planing with a 7.5-8.5 m2 rig.
Have you checked with the Finnish distributor to see if he can order the side fins from
Starboard HQ in Thailand?
Hope this helps,

22nd July 2009, 07:18 PM
Thanks Roger for your answer!

Yes, there are 3 holes in the rail and I'll try to catch the side fins for trial. What about the mast foot? Does it make any difference to steering if it's more back or front?

My husband has a 8,5 m2 sail, too, and since Mr. GO is so much more co-operative with him, he gets GO planing. So if you have time to tell how it changes when planing, he could use that information already now.

Thanks for all the tips you've given!

22nd July 2009, 08:25 PM
Hi *MC*,
The position of the mast foot on Mr. GO has the following effects:
If moved forward, the board will tend to "steer" downwind more. This is true both with and without the side fins, but moreso with the sdie fins as the board will tend to turn
about the resistance created by the side fins.
If placed in the middle, the board will be as "neutral steering" as is possible.
If placed well back near the rear of the mast foot slot, the board will tend turn upwind slightly more, and again, use of the side fins will make this tendancy stronger.

If you get the side fins, be sure to get the entire kit with the special shorter 23 mm long
PT screws. If you use the regular 27 mm long screws, there is a possiblilty that when fully tightened, the longer screws can damage the rail inserts as they are not deep enough to take the longer (27 mm) screws and the back of the insert could be "punched out" allowing water into the foam internal core of your board.
You can also cut off or shorten regular 27 mm footstrap screws for use as mounting screws for the side fins.
BUT, you may not need the side fins.
There is another way to "steer" Mr. GO that leads to progressively faster sailing and ultimately planing.
If you need to sail more upwind, simply move off the center of the board a little and let the shape (rockerline) in the bottom of the board take you upwind.
You are basically "footsteering" by moving your weight.
Tipping your board upwind rail down (moving your weight off center in an upwind direction) will "steer" you upwind.
Tipping your board "lee rail down" (by shifiting your weight slightly downwind of the center line) will "steer" the board downwind.
Keeping the board flat on the water will take you straight ahead.
When your husband is planing on Mr. GO, he needs to move back on the board, progressively, as the speed increases.
He can steer the board by using foot/ankle pressure to tip the board very slightly.
Again, tip the board upwind with heel pressure and it will "steer" upwind.
Tip it downwind with toe pressure and it will "steer" off the wind or downwind.
Most important thing when you are planing is to move back progressively and getting hooked in to the harness and into the footstraps so you can sail longer and have full control of Mr. Go.
Hope this helps,