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26th July 2009, 06:56 PM
Hi all ! i am new to windsurfing and i very excited. This weekend i am leaving for my summer vacation with my family. I am nearly 185 pounds .Anyway i had 15 hours lessons with a Rio Medium , Small and i did really well.. I can go wherever i want , tack , jibe (slow though) and almost planned.. need very little.I tried for 5 minutes a friends Go 144 and was quite frustrating to get balance , but i had an excuse that it was quite windy too..( at least for my skills). Before weekend i want to buy my own gear and any recommendation of a board or sail is most welcomed. I will go to Vasiliki , Lefkada for 20 days. ( probably get lessons there too).Should i buy my own gear something like a Futura or Go (please commend on liters in your suggestion) or should i hire something there -2 weeks probably is too long as far as costs are concerned?- and when i get back i decide? The second option i know has a lot of logic but it may have disadvantages too like
1) costs around 500 euros hiring
2) not finding always what you need ( too crowdy at this high season)
3)loss of excitment when you get something new !!!:)

Looking forward for your help!


27th July 2009, 12:24 AM
Hi Kostas,
First, a little more information about your vacation please?
Will you be driving to Vassiliki?
If so, have you considered the cost of racks for your vehicle to carry
your new board?
If you are flying to Vassiliki, have you considered how much getting your gear
there on a commercial airliner might cost (or is it even possible with your air carrier)?
Next let's consider where your skill level is at, and where it might be by the end of your 20 days at Vassiliki?
If you buy a board for your current skill level will you "out grow" it in 10 days of intense sailing/lessons on your vacation?
Do you have a local sailing site where you live (not in Vassiliki)?
Are the conditions at your home launch site similar to the conditions in Vasilliki?
All of the above are issues you probably need to consider before choosing a board and
rig (s) for your trip to Vassiliki.
OK, what board will be best for your vacation?
The GO or Futura 122 might be very good.
It depends alot on the windspeed and sea conditions you get while on your vacation.
Never having been to Vassiliki I do not know what the conditions are, so it's very difficult to suggest a board that suits the conditions.
If you get a larger board, that's more stable, and the wind comes up, you are not going to be very happy.
If you get a smaller board, that's less stable but handles more wind, you aren't going to be happy if the winds are light.
If you did well on the Rio M and S (where these 2008 boards, or the earlier Start based Rios?) then a mid size Futura or GO would seem a good call.
The Go will be heavier and more durable, so if you aren't past the "getting slammed over the nose while learning to use a harness", then the GO may be better for you than the Futura.
Overall, a GO/Futura, in the 122-144 liter range seems like it will challenge you at first, but give you room to grow.
If you are flying, consider the cost of heavy duty bags for your board, masts, sails, and booms.
Overall, when I look at the Clu Vassiliki website, their equipment rental programs look awfully good, and you won't have to transport lots of gear to/from Vassiliki. Consider schlepping a board, masts, booms, sails through airports, and paying alot of Euros to get them on a plane. My last trip to Bonaire cost me over $800 each way for 2 boards, 5 masts, 6 sails and 3 booms.
You are completely at the mercy of the airlines on this and they can simply refuse to take your gear at all.
Also, you need to consider the cost of a new board at home vs the cost of a good used board in Vassiliki. The used board might cost 1/2 as much and be just as good for your skill level.
Let's work through this.....
You can for sure buy a new board/rigs at home, and take them to Vassiliki, but if you outgrow them during your vacation, you have no option but to either rent or buy more gear during your vacation.
If you damage your new board (or the airlines do it for you) you will be off the water while it's repaired.
No such hassles with rental gear if you get the insurance.
Hope this helps,

27th July 2009, 02:17 AM
Roger i must confess i am amazed with your thorough analysis of my problem. Actually i am driving to vasiliki and yes i live in Pireas the biggest port in Greece. But as you suggested, i think i will take lessons when i get there to a more advanced level and then i will be able to buy the proper board to my level :). My instructor also suggested this route. Hire different equipment according to conditions and level and then buy whatever you want .
I must thank you and i really appreciate your excellent feedback. Who knows i might go for 122 futura in the end of the summer !!:cool:

I let you know from there how i progress during my 2 weeks vacation .


27th July 2009, 04:53 AM
Hi Kostas,
I really do not like playing "the devils advocate" when conversing with someone with as much enthusiasm as your original post here showed, but sometimes our "enthusiasm" goes a little beyond our logic.
Have a great trip to Vassiliki and please do keep us posted here on your progress.
Do not let the one time difficulties with the GO 140 set you back.
We all have an "adjustment" to make when we step down to a smaller board/smaller sails for more intensely windy conditions.
Best Wishes, have a great vacation!