View Full Version : Futura 133 (limited edition

29th July 2009, 03:43 PM
My friend got a new 2009 Futura 133 and he is facing the problem of going upwind.
Myself, I am using the 2008 futura 122 and I am very happy with it in all conditions and for everything I wanne do with it from 5m to 8 m sails.
I tried his NEW board , just 5-6 times in the water, and with both sails (6,6 and 8) I felt there is no grip from the fin. I can,nt pump it up I cant load the backfoot and its realy complete different from my board. I changed the mastfoot position more to the front, the boom a little higher, almost no effect. The 45 Drake fin looks good. So we do,nt know anymore what to do.
Anybody has a tip??:eek::confused: