View Full Version : Suitable type of sail for Futura 133

11th August 2009, 04:54 PM
I bought a Futura 133 (model 2008) earlier this year. Apart for some minor adaptation problems (obligation to go well downwind in order to get onto the plane or the back footstraps that are difficult to reach in the most outward position), it's an awesome board that is fast and comfortable.

Now, I remarked that the Futura performs much better with my V8 8.5 (lightwind solution) than with my Excess 7.4. With the latter, the board feels a bit jumpy, even jittery (swinging sideways and mounting on the fin) and much less poised than with the powerful V8. There are no control issues, but it still is a livelier ride with the freeride/freestyle sail which is the Excess 7.4.

Should I turn to a more powerful (cambered) sail to partner my Futura? Of course, the conditions in which I use both sails are different (flat water vs. small waves), but I still have the impression that the Futura needs powerful sails in order to stay well trimmed and poised over the water.

Does any Futura owner have the same experience as I do? Starboard positions the Futura as a freerider/freeracer, but in my view, it tends more towards freerace than pure freeride and is therefore a platform demanding freerace (cambered) sails, certainly in the bigger sizes...