View Full Version : ISonic 122

16th August 2009, 08:20 AM

Looking to maximize TOW & upgrade from older Carve. What's the suggested wind range for the '07 IS 122 for a 60 kg rider? Ideal sail size?

17th August 2009, 12:07 PM

It will be a light wind board for your weight. I use it from 10/11 up to 20 knots with 7.3-9.0 sails, but I'm 86kg. Ideal sail 8-9. At your 60 kilos, it will become too big in much less than 20, depending on the water state and your skill. But then again you could get it planing in less than 10 knots (steady).
With regard to upgrading, it is very different from your Carve. If you have never sailed a wide slalom, it would be best to try before you buy. Some Carve sailors that I know liked iSonic ride, others hated it.

17th August 2009, 09:12 PM

AS Screamer says, it's best to "test drive" an iSonic first before buying. Over a year ago, I needed to fill a hole between my formula board and a 100L bump and jump board. I was trying to decide between an iSonic 111 and Futura 111. I don't race slalom much, but I decided to go with the IS because I wanted maximum speed and I like the challenge of a demanding board.

Although I haven't sailed a futura, I have sailed many other freeride boards, all of which have similar rides. The IS is much different and definitely more demanding for the rider. I doubt that there will be much difference in early planing between the IS and the Futura, plus the Futura will be easier and more comfortable to sail.

For me, the sweet spot for my IS 111 is 14-18 knots with a 7.6. I weigh 79kg. I also use a 6.6 and an 8.4 with the IS in stronger or lighter winds.