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29th August 2009, 08:25 AM
Hi everyone. I hope nobody will be offended by my posting this question here. I have an F2 Ride 274 that was given to me, and now I must purchase all of the parts I need to use it. At one time a very long time ago I windsurfed for about two years on Mistral longboards, and I'm now trying to get back into the sport with very little knowledge of how the equipment has changed.

I'm 5'8", I weigh 142 lbs and I'll be sailing in New Mexico, where the winds are either very light or very heavy. I'm trying to figure out what I should buy - what fin, what mast base, what mast, what sail, and do I need a mast extension? Can anybody help me or direct me to a good FAQ?


29th August 2009, 01:25 PM
Hi, Dave,

Firstly, your question may be better answered by directing it to rec.windsurfing in the USA via this link: http://groups.google.com/group/rec.windsurfing/topics.

My 2 cents:

This F2 model is about 103 litres and will match your weight reasonably well, although in heavy air I suspect your light weight may count against you. It will NOT do everything, but will do most things that you want to do (it is a slalom board with no rocker for waves. It has a slight vee, which aids gybing. Its construction has an ASA skin, which makes it a tough board). The equipment has changed radically over the years and should be easier to use and more versatile.

In answer to your questions:

I am a Neil Pryde user, so my bias is to their products (but others can help you quoting their own experiences).

Fin: one fin can't do it all. The fin used in the F2 is a Powerbox type. I'll suggest 3 fins to cover the sail range of 6.7 down to 5.4.

36/32/28, slightly swept back (and don't forget to buy a couple of fin screws and washers). Also, make sure that the fin screws do not bottom out in the fins when the fin screw is tightened.

Mast base: NP tendon, UXT type

Mast: NP X6/430/SDM. Nowadays, it is vital that the mast and sails come from the same manufacturer, for maximum performance of the sail. If cost is a consideration, you can compromise.

Sails: Hellcat 6.7, Alpha 6.2, Alpha 5.8, Alpha 5.4. Hellcat for slalom, Alphas for slalom/B & J. Downhaul all sails to maximum and adjust power using the outhaul.

Boom: NP X6 160-220 or Maui Sails Wave 160-210. Both booms have fully articulating heads, which reduce point load on the mast, lessening the chance of breakage. Both booms are very easy to adjust lengthways.

Mast extension: NP X3 UXT 34.

Please visit the NP and Maui Sails websites to review my suggestions.

Hope this helps,