View Full Version : Stepping down from a GO 170

1st September 2009, 02:30 PM

Be grateful for an unbiased view. I purchased a new GO 170 in November 08 and have made reasonable progress. I'm in the straps/harness and planing OK. Waterstarting about 30% of the time. I'm 90 kgs and 194cms. I sail in Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne (choppy - 1m-2m waves) and Inverloch, Victoria - flat. I'd say I was a reasonable intermediate. Can't gybe yet - although getting close.

I'm on the verge of buying the 2010 Futura Technora 133l. The guys at my local board shop believe that this should suit my size and ability as my only board for the next couple of seasons. The problem is that all of the guys that I sail with reckon I should go down to either the 122l or the 111l on the basis that I'll improve more quickly. So, I'm stuck. Do I go for the 133l on the basis that its more buoyant and should help with waterstarts, or the 122l on the basis that it'll handle higher winds better (we get great seabreezes in Melbourne in the southern summer).

Finally, is it possible to buy a nose protector for the Futura Technora?