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3rd September 2009, 08:55 PM
I am just about to buy a 2009 Kode... this is my 2nd ever board... have
currently been sailing a fanatic eray 150 since beginning to surf...

I can waterstart comfortably, sail with my harness in the footstraps in both light and strong winds... I am quite light - 11stone (75kg)... and having chosen the kode for allround freeriding and playing in the waves on the UK southcoast am not sure what volume to plump for...

Will a 102 board still have enough bouyancy when the wind drops for me? Will I find it hard to tack and gybe... still at a basic level, having spent most my time in water learning to waterstart!!

Many Thanks

4th September 2009, 02:16 AM
102 will have enough bouyancy for you to even uphaul it, but don't buy a (coastal) board based on bouyancy. Potential problem is, it's a big jump in size - from a 150 to a 102..... Most sailors go to progressively smaller boards as they improve, but I think there is no point in having a board like the Kode (maneuverable fsw, etc) that's too big. Maybe you should consider a freeride design of around 110-120l l at this stage (carve, futura, etc)
If you are sure what you want, you could go for a K102, but if you haven't used anything smaller than your 150, you may want to try/sail some boards between 100-125l before buying. You may struggle a bit in the beginning, but since you can waterstart reliably, in the longer run you'll enjoy it more.

4th September 2009, 03:01 AM
Based on what you write about your skill, I think you will adjust to a smaller board MUCH easier than you might think. In fact, I think you could even go smaller than the 102. A lot of things will actually get much easier on a smaller board. But this depends a lot on what sail sizes you will be using.

A Kode is still a board that is easy to ride. And as long as you're reasonably powered up with say a 5.7 or smaller, I predict that you will find even a sub 100l Kode stable enough. But maybe 102 is a good safe compromise.

And if you eventually see yourself as more of a wave/maneuver oriented sailor (rather than a blasting oriented one) I think it makes sense to get used to this type of board as fast as possible.

5th September 2009, 01:24 AM
Thanks... Everyone has been telling me to go smaller... I have sailed a fanatic skate 110 and hawk 120 with relative ease at a demo day last week albeit on quite a quiet day... The biggest problem we have on the sea is the fact that the bigger boards tend to bounce around a lot... and thats why people have said go for a smaller board... I much prefer riding in on our small waves and am looking to progress with my gybes and jumps etc... rather than just blasting out to sea... so am pretty made up this is the board to go for... just got to wait for it to be delivered now... Thanks for all your advice...


5th September 2009, 01:53 AM
102 it is then ;-)

A rider with more experience (and your weight) would probably choose an 85 litre Kode for alround coastal sailing, but as it's been said, better to be on the safe side (and have some reserve) for now. In the future it may become the largest board in your quiver ;-)

Good luck