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Fernando Luz
7th September 2009, 12:13 AM

I came to search for an advice for to buy a sail for ligth windy days:

I sail in a dam inland (Flat water), with winds in the peak of summer arround 9/ 10 Knots, with the Futura 111 and a NS X-Type 7.3, witch is rather difficult to get planning.
I weigth 65 Kgs, and I'm a normal sailor (planning, jibe, water start,...)

I'm sure I must have a bigger sail for this ligths winds.

I was thinking in something like the V8 Hellium 8.5 (about this one I read that was builted for this Kind of situations and according the weigth of the sailor... so, I supose for my weigth was the 6.5 ??? but, on the other hand, than, I wonder, can I sail with that in 9/ 10 Knots ?) or, should I go for Hellcat 8.2 ... !?

What would you recommend ? Or do you have other sggestion ?

Many tanks

7th September 2009, 05:05 AM
Hi Fernanado,
I do not have any "real time" experience in 9-10 knots of wind with the Futura 111 because I do not have a Futura 111.
I do have an iSonic 111 and the boards are similar (certainly not the same) so I can pass along some experiences/ideas developed on the iS 111.
Couple of weeks ago, I got a new 7.8 m2 Sailworks NXslm 4 cam race sail.
I rigged the new sail and tuned it pretty well. but could not get the iS 111 to plane with this setup in 9-10 knots.
I put the same rig on the Futura 155 and was instantly planing.
The wind came up to 12-13 knots and I tried the iS 111 again and had no problem getting planing and a few planing jibes.
I currently weigh around 78.5 Kg (175 lbs.).
At your weight of 65 Kg. (143 lbs.) you may gain around 1-2 knots earlier planing for the same sail size.
So, the 8.5 could get you planing in 10 knots, but at 9 knots I'm thinking you would really need a wider board.
There's a huge difference between 9-10 knots and 12-13 knots, and I'm not certain that your lighter weight is going to make enough difference.
If you had a wider board (Futura 133/144) I am pretty sure you could get going with either the 8.5 Helium or the 8.2 Hellcat, but with the Futura 111 I remain pretty skeptical.
Hope this helps,

Fernando Luz
7th September 2009, 05:17 PM
Hi Roger
Once again your answer was much helpfull ! Many tanks.
I'm thinking in buy a GO 155 for my kids, so I supose that could fill also this gap for me in those ligther days.
Fernando / PORTUGAL

8th September 2009, 04:28 AM

I agree with Roger as I too have a iSonic 111 (wider tail than the futura) so it should plane earlier. I have used my 8.4 Maui Sails TR-3 race sail on the iS several times. I can't plan in 10 knots (small white caps beginning to form) and I weight 78 kg.

Our winds are highly variable, so on a 6 - 15 knot day, I usually don't try the iSonic since I won't stay on plane very much. I go for a formula board and an 11.0.

At your weight, the 8.5 and a steady 10-12 knots should get you going just fine, but it all depends on how steady your winds really are. Any holes under 10 knots and you will come off plan.

8th September 2009, 07:15 AM
Hi Fernando,
The 8.5 or 8.2 NP's on the GO 155 should be just the ticket to get you planing alot more of the time.
Get a bigger fin than the stock fin and you may be amazed at how fast and fun the Go 155 can be..... esp when all the other sailors on narrower boards cannot get going.
This is like Ken with his Formula.
He planes pretty much every day he sails.... why... 100 cm wide Formula board and a very big sail.... I've seen him!
But, as soon as the wind gets up a bit he will change down to the iSonic and smaller rig (unless he's in training for a race on the formula).

Fernando Luz
9th September 2009, 05:28 AM
Thank you very much Ken, for your comments and great help, and of course, once again my many thanks to Roger for it great job on this forum.

Fernando / PORTUGAL