View Full Version : Lightning rigging query when using X6 mast

13th October 2009, 01:23 AM
Hi there,

Looking for some advice on rigging a 9.4m Lightning on a Pryde X6 mast. Using a 520 with the appropriate 10 cm of extension the sail is floppy at the leech all the way to the clew fastening ... before fully downhauled!

It definitely doesn't rig like that on my buddy's Tushie mast. I guess it's due to the flex top element of the mast. So, without having to buy a replacement mast, what is the recommended solution? Is it as simple as downhauling less so the leech is floppy only down to the second batten? If so, does the same apply to the outhaul, which also experiences similar mismatching?

Thanks in advance for your help.