View Full Version : Phantom 320 2010 - reality or not ?

23rd October 2009, 04:55 AM
French importer apparently said that Phantom 320 2010 would in fact never be produced ? Can you confirm, or I hope so, deny this ?

This board was the accessible and performing board well thought compromise I had dreamt of, to rediscover the pleasure of sailing in light or medium winds, in lakes near Paris. For this so far I have a Bic Jungle, which is surprisingly pleasant in light winds, also great as a kayak, but not performing enough at the top end of its wind range.

Such compromise is much better than traditional raceboards, too long to be pleasant when wind goes up. I am convinced that if you had the good idea to make your design, certainly the best around, available to other windsurf companies, so you can create together a windsurf class, accessible and performing, able to be of interest for windsurfers from beginners to experienced, you would all benefit from this, and have the critical mass to make a large success out of it.

With this approach you can make windsurf a large audience sport again. Try this, ppplllzzz (and build this board, I want it too badly, as a complement of my two Futura 122 and 93, my iSonic 76 and my Kode 80). To be able to wait, I bought a Phantom 320 2009 which I will receive Saturday (yep). That makes 5 Starboards, enough I hope for you to consider my suggestion.

23rd October 2009, 06:33 AM
Hi ZedZdeD,

This board is in the catalogue and is underway to be deliver soon, so you can order one. The first board will be only in Tufskin and depending of the succes, it will be maybe produce in carbone.

Your right this board is really exciting in planning condition and very funy, much more than the 380 and still fast in light winds but less than the 380 (not soo much). The machine to win in the Hybrid Class. Is exactly for this we make this board.

All the best

31st October 2009, 06:42 AM
At my local lake ( Brogborough - http://www.brogboroughlake.co.uk ) we bought 12 of last years Phantom 320's thanks to a lottery grant. I have to say they are great fun. There have been many light wind days when I have taken one out just to get on the water and have come back grinning like a cheshire cat. I am however a very long way from mastering them:o

IMO, everyone should have a play on this class of board.