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4th November 2009, 10:01 PM
I own a 2010 futura 133 and I keep having spin out probs, I bear off the wind to get planning then when I try to head up wind it'll be ok for a few meters then as it starts really start going fast the fin lets go,ive read somewhere that if you move the straps inboard this may cure the probs but like to sail on the rails in a seat harness any ideas would help Ive also got a jp freeride 144which I use the same set up (rig) with no probs any help would be great


5th November 2009, 08:16 AM
Have you sanded the fin a bit to get rid of the little bumps and lumps around any graphics?
Inboard strap positions might help slightly.
If your JP has a Tuttle box, I'd try the fin from your JP (even it if hangs out of the box a tiny bit) to see if it's just a bad fin.
Or see if anyone you sail with has a fin about the same size in Tuttle that you can try for a couple of runs to find out if it just the OEM supplied fin, or soemthing else.
Hope this helps,

5th November 2009, 05:54 PM
I have Futura 133 with Drake R13 Race SL480 fin, my weight is 90kg. I use this board mainly with sails NS S-TYPE 7.8 and 9.5 m≤. Spin out occurs only if I put to much load on fin when speed is not high enough. This happens usually if Iím trying to go upwind at extreme angle and then I lose too much speed. Another possibility for spin out is when I go fast and I try to change direction upwind without putting enough pressure on the rail. This probably happens in your case.