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14th November 2009, 11:43 PM

I am interested in purchasing a Flare solely to learn new and old school freestyle on. I currently sail a combination of California Coast waves and San Francisco Bay / Delta bump and jump. I would classify myself as a decent wave sailor who wants to learn freestyle moves to improve my wave sailing. The Flare will only be used for in bay / delta sailing to learn the freestyle moves and occasional light wind cruising (5.3m) in the swell by the north tower of the golden gate bridge. My only other board board is an Evo 75 liter which I use for all wave conditions and bay bump and jump.

I am 72 kgs and will use the Flare in 4.5m - 5.3m conditions. Please help me decide which size will work best. Since I sail in pretty high wind and am fairly light I am wondering of the 88l might be the best choice. But since I want to get the board that will give me the fastest learning curve I wonder if the more stable 98 liter would be better.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Chris Pressler
15th November 2009, 05:33 PM
Hi Xander,
tough question. But guess for learning the 98 could be the better choice and you perhaps will invest in a bit bigger sized sail, like 6,0 as well.

Out of my view it also depends much, which kind of moves you are planning to practice. If you are more on the jumping tricks focused, I would recommend the 88. If you are planning also to practice slided tricks, I would tend to the 98.

The 98 will work much better with the 5,3. If you alreday know that you will have more days with 4,5 you should decide for the 88.

Hope it helps,

15th November 2009, 11:16 PM
Thanks Much Chris,

Since 5.3 is as big as I need here in San Francisco it sounds to me like the 88 will be a better board for the long term especially after I've (ahem) mastered some of the sliding moves. Also, I sail 85% 4.5-4.7. But it also sounds like the 98 will be better for right now to learn how to slip and slide.

So I'm thinking I should try and find a beat up 98 cheap and then see where I'm at before investing in the 88.

Any other thoughts - love to get opinion from Sarah Offringa, Kiri or Taty.

Chris Pressler
16th November 2009, 05:56 PM
Hi again,
For me it sounds like the 88 would fit perfect! I use the 98 - my weight is 83 to 84 kg - with 6,0 and 5,3 most of the time. And on sweet water. Taty could win the Sylt event on the 88. If I remember right he was on 4,8 and 5,2.
But I am sure Taty will update you soon with his opinions!!
The 88 is a winner board anyway!


Taty Frans
16th November 2009, 08:11 PM
Hi Xander,

I have a cousin who is married to a American he doesn't windsurf much as before.

Ever since he moved to the states with his wife he told me that he spent most of his time sailing near the gold bridge.

He told me that the current is very strong but as it gets windy you don't seems to feel it.

He weight about 80 kg and he use mostly 5.3 or so sails. So i can imagine it can get windy there.

I weight at the moment 75kg and mine mainly use board is the Flare 88.
Sail sizes that I use are from 4.0 - 5.2 Mauisails loco sails.

I have tried and sailed the 98 and it's feels better with bigger sails like 4.8 and up. but you will get better feel of the 98 with a 5.2 sails. this is my personal opinion.

The 98 is much better balanced out feels really good under your foot doesn't feel big and super great in the high wind condtions, the more windy and choppy the better the boards seems to work. the pop is incredible.

As for the 88.

Well it's the son of the 98, feels much loser well balanced out nice smooth while sailing, to me it feels like a freestyle but you can still do wave with it. just the board you need when doing high wind freestyle, 4.0 - 5.2 suits this board perfectly it's my board of choice and the sail sizes that I use the most it perfect.

i won in Germany sylt pwa worldcup using the flare 88 with a 4.8 mauisails loco sail, and it was just the right board for the extrem conditions.

Mostly if you are using such small sail in such high wind condition you won't need that much big board because it won't get you that much fun like the small board do.

The 98 in high wind will slide much slower. while the 88 in high wind will slide faster and that will be much fun and you feel much better with having a smaller board under your foot..

any Question let me know.

Taty Frans

17th November 2009, 02:19 PM
88 is what you need! :) for sure!!!
Since you like (and can) wave ride you will definitely want to "feel" the board and with your weight 98 is not a choice for you.
Go on with 88 and have fun :)

18th November 2009, 01:50 AM
Thanks Taty & Chandra,

I really want to go for the 88 but think the 98 will be better for short term learning so here is my solution....

I will take a vacation to a top freestyle venue where I can practice practice practice and / or take a bunch of freestyle lessons. Then I will buy the 88 for sailing here in SF.

So my last question is where in the world should I go in late December for the absolute best freestyle where I can rent the latest gear and take lessons? It would be amazing if there is a freestyle boot camp happening somewhere!

Taty Frans
18th November 2009, 07:52 PM
Hi Xander,

Brazil seems to have great heavy wind 4.0- 4,5 conditions the whole winter and it's warm.

most of the guys go there and they seems to have the latest equipment.

Here on Bonaire to we have the latest equipment, but the wind is not so great all the days in the winter but we can have 4.8 - 5.2 steady wind conditions flat water.