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2nd December 2009, 06:33 AM
Looking for some advice on updating my quiver. I currently have a Trance 94 04 and an Acid 74 05. Weight 66kg. Sailing mostly rivers and Great Lakes Canada with yearly trips to the ocean at Cape Hatteras. Current sail quiver 6.0, 5.3, 4.7, 4.2 and 3.7. Advanced B&J sailor learning to sail the ocean, looking to learn learn freestyle and tired of back and forth sailing.

Other board is 12-6 SUP which I paddle as much as possible ocean and flatwater and lightwind sail and wave sail. If I had to keep one board this would be it because it does everything. The SUP covers me from 0 - 15 knots. Sailed it in much higher wind and loved it then as well. Something about strapless!

Thinking of replacing the Trance first with a K94 with the hope that I can learn some freestyle and still use it for B&J and onshore wave sailing in the Great Lakes. Although I wonder if a Flare might do the same thing with an obvious bias for more flatwater but with slightly better early planing?

Looking to replace the Acid 74 with maybe 2 boards although I would love to some advice on a 1 or 2 board replacement. The current 20 ltr drop is doable and I use the Acid for 3.7 - 4.7. The problem is that it is very gusty inland and the Acid seems to have an on/off switch.

Thinking I would like to try the Quads but can't figure which one or ones would replace the Acid. From what I have read the Q71 would seem to be the ideal 1 board replacement but what if I wanted to go to a 2 board replacement and expand my sail quiver to carry a 3.3?
Q66 and Q76?

Finally majority of wave sailing is the Great Lakes which is pretty well dead on shore.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

6th December 2009, 03:49 AM
The Kode 94 will be great if you liked the Trance 94. Similar in size, but a better board in every aspect. At your weight, the 86 will be great too. A Flare is quite different. Maybe a bit earlier planing, particularly when not that powered up, but it's a more dedicated spinning/jumping board and not as nice for general riding as the Kode.

About the smaller ones: yes the Q71 will be the perfect one board solution, particularly if you get the extra set of 13cm front fins for the smaller sails. It handles 5.3 fine and is stable and easy with smaller sails too. I think you will extend both the lower and upper range compared with your 04 Acid (a nice board though).

And again yes, the Q66 + Q76 would be perfect for a two board solution. I think you can actually get on the 66 quite early, for sure with 4.7, even if not that powered up. The Q76 will be an amazing light wind wave riding board for 5.3 and light wind 4.7 days.

But while the 76+66 will for sure expand the upper and lower comfort zones a bit, it will not be revolutionary at either end compared to only the 71. Given teh fact that you don't complain much about the high wind range of the A74, I think the Q71 as a single board solutions seems like the most logical choice.

If you're not convinced, just ask again and I can maybe expand on the fine details of light wind difference between Q76/71 and high wind differences between Q66/71.

6th December 2009, 06:51 PM
Ola as always I appreciate your advice. The K94 seems like a logical choice but how would it be for learning freestyle? Would there be any benefit to keeping the T94 and just adding the F94 or F106? I am a newbie freestyler and would be learning the basics.

Replacing the A74 with just one board would be cheaper and makes more since this is the board I use the least. I usually have to travel for wind! That being said I have enjoyed having a board for when it does blow and that suits my light weight. My only complaint with A74 is the on/off switch in gusty conditions and the narrow tail for jumping. It seems like a contradiction but I want a board that is settled in the water for B&J but is ready to jump when I want it to. Could you expand on any differences between the A74 and the Q71. Would I be able to add a 3.3 to my quiver with the Q71 for the one or two times a year I would need it. Majority of sailing for this board would be 4.2 / 4.7.

Finally I am interested in updating some of my sails with Superfreaks. I will post on the HSM forum for your thoughts there.

thxs again

7th December 2009, 03:25 AM
I haven't used the 94 size, but had the Trance 84 and have had the Kode 86. The Kode is in my opinion for sure a better freestyle board (I suck at it myself, but since the Kode is so much "crisper" and have better "pop" I draw this conclusion). As I wrote, its just a better board and I doubt you will ever sail the Trance if you also have the Kode 94.

But if learning freestyle is indeed a high priority, you should for sure get the Flare. It's still OK for general riding and carving tricks. And the way it connects to the water just screams - Trick me! Jump me! Spin me! It's really something special and in some sense I think this will be even more helpful for someone learning freestyle than for when you already have it wired. So would the Trance 94 add anything to a F98 (fx)? Maybe for say, light wind wave riding or overpowered blasting, but in your situation, I kind of doubt you'll end up using it.

As for wave boards: It may sound like marketing mumbo jumbo, but the Quads really are very settled and fin driven when you lean back and power them (B&J style) and still when you stand a bit more upright they have great pop for jumping. The narrower 05 A74 will maybe feel easier to put in edge and runs a bit deeper in the water, but its rocker also makes it a bit nervous in chop. The Quad 71 is so much more versatile. I have not used it will less than 3.5, but that was OK for me (at 70kg). Over the years, I often had both the EVO 70 (same shape) and and in some kind of 3.5 conditions I've used the 70 despite that I've had golld smaller boards to choose from. And the Quad setup makes it even more controlled in high wind, particularly with the smaller front fins (13).

Of course, there would be merits to a Quad66 at your weight, but for most conditions, I think you will find the 71 smoother and looser. For me when it comes to wave riding, it's only in really powerful high wind conditions when you need to crank super hard carving turns that the Q66 is better. With 4.0 and smaller the Q66 get kicked around a bit less and you feel more comfortable on the 66 than on 71, but again. The 71 is still good in such conditions so it seems like a smarter choice overall.

8th December 2009, 04:32 AM
As always you have been very helpful Ola. It seems that you have confirmed my original ideas about a K94 and a Q71. I was hoping to get an 09 K94 but they are already gone so I will have to save for an 2010 model. It seems from some of the reading I have done that the 2010 Flare borrowed from the rockerline of the Kode so I would assume the Kode can still spin and pop etc. Not sure if I want to limit myself to a dedicated freestyle board but I guess I have some winter months to think about it.

Any thoughts on the differences between the K94 09 and 10. Also if Taty or somone else from the team is able to comment on the differences between the Kode and the Flare for a newbie freestyler I would not mind hearing. I suspect I would still want to take the Flare into some onshore waves and it seems that this can be done. Knowing that I can possibly take the Q71 out with a 5.3 in waves means I could take my SUP out with the 6.0 Hmmmm Can't tell you how much I love that SUP and sailing / wavesailing strapless. What's old is new

8th December 2009, 09:13 PM
Interesting line of questions on the Kode vs Flare. I look forward to the responses you get.