View Full Version : "Hi wind" Drake fins for Formula 162?

4th January 2010, 07:41 AM
Several years after selling my old F155, I bought (recently) a Formula 162, not for racing, but just for relaxed planing in light winds, and the occasional drag racing with friends. I weigh around 77 kgs (around 170 pounds), I use Maui Sails TRs in 10.0 and 8.5 m sizes, and I sail the F162 in winds between 8/9 knots to a maximum of 15 knots (we are lucky to get plenty of days above 15 kn.). At 15 kn., the water would be getting moderately to fairly choppy.

The stock 70 cm fin (the Drake R19 Race NR 700) is quite satisfactory for the type of sailing that I do, up to around 12 knots of wind. From 13 kn., controling the board with the 10.0 becomes more "physical", and when it gets to 15 kn., the fin exerts a pressure on the back foot that is downright painful, even though I normally rig the sail very flat. So I am looking for a fin that will be more comfortable and easier on my back foot when the wind picks up during my sailing session, and I am on the 10.0 in 15 kn. of wind.

I am traveling now, and I found in a local shop a Drake R13 Race NR 640 "near vertical" for a very good price. Would that be a more comfortable fin to use with the 10.0 in 15 kn.? Would it be significantly better than the old 65 cm Curtis-type shape (black and red) that came with the F155 (I kept it, but I have not tested it yet with the F162)? If not, what Drake fin (model type and size) would you recommend that I use?

The very best to all for 2010!