View Full Version : Kode 94?

7th January 2010, 07:28 PM
I am 84 kg and came from Cape Verde two days ago. And I'm now really interested in improving my waveriding skills. I have an EVO 80 and a futura 101. I find the EVO really nice in hard wind and ptoper waves, but in marginal conditions It's to small. I'm looking to replace my futura 101 with a board that I can use in marginal often onshore wave conditions. But I still would like the board to go fast flatwater "slalom" riding with f,eks 6.5 Hellcat sail or the like. Would Kode 94 be the thing for me? Main sail would be 5.7/6.2 wavesail. But also a 6.5 Hellcat with a more slalomlike fin. Or should I go for the Kode 103? Will this work in waves? Or will the width of this board do the bootomturn/cut back hard?

8th January 2010, 09:12 PM
If you get a Kode, consider keeping the future 101 for 6.5 slalom riding. Perhaps a slalom fin would help on a Kode, though I haven't tried it & not sure if they come in US box. You'd have to be switching the footstaps back & forth from inboard to outboard on a Kode. Also, if you bought the futura new, the return on your cost of this board is probably not great.