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10th January 2010, 04:34 AM
Hi All,

I have no idea how but I have managed to rip two holes directly under my straps(both sides same position) in the rear deck pad on my new 2010 Futura after only 6 sessions on the water. Tried re attaching with kwik grip as the pieces were still attached (barely) but this didn't work as they came off next sail. My concern is the pad will continue to peel off now that it has holes in it as it doesn't seem to be stuck down all that well.

My question is - can I buy replacement pads? Starboard or otherwise? Any idea's on what I should do?


Mike T
11th January 2010, 06:49 AM
Hi! Not sure if I found the right web site but is Kwik Grip a double sided tape? Not heard of the stuf here in the US. But what I have used is Barge Contact Cement to reglue deck pads. I use some denatured alcohol to get everything clean, let it dry then using a small brush put contact cement on both parts the board and the foam, a little bit of glue on the edge of the foam if it's ripped at all helps to glue the edge back together. Let each part dry( you might have to use some wax paper between the foam pad and the board so they don't touch each other until the glue is dry) Then remove the wax paper a little at a time and stick the foam back down. Caution: Once the foam touches the board you can't pull it back up to reposition it so make sure it's alligned right. Also use a rolling pin or wooden dowel to press the foam back down once you have it in place that will force any air bubbles out from under the foam. I would try the CC glue first before replacing the whole pad. Hope this helps. Mike

11th January 2010, 10:43 AM
Cheers Mike!

No, Selleys Kwik Grip isn't tape. By the sounds of it it's similar to your Barge Contact Cement. Applied the exact same way as you mention. I cleaned and coated (thin layer) the exposed board, foam and edges. Let dry and then applied foam back firmly. Seemed to work a treat. Used the board about 30 hours later but the pad just peeled off. In fact I lost the small section of padding so can no longer glue it back.

The tears occurred under only the balls of my feet on the back pads, both sides. If it gets any worse I'm going to have to remove and replace the padding I think. Looks like replacement pads are not available from Starboard so may have to shop around for something suitable.

It's frustrating as it's a brand new board. Wasn't an issue with my previous 09 Futura.

Link to Kwik Grip.

Thanks again Mike for your reply!

Mike T
12th January 2010, 09:28 AM
Your right Kwik Grip is the same kind of stuff. What I would do is check out some of the Stand-up paddle shops in the area and see if they have the eva sheet foam.(some of the foams are peel and stick no glue) I get The stuff from NSI in Hood River Or. USA http://www.northshoreinc.com/. I make templates out of thin card board like cereal boxes work well. I cut a piece of wood at 45 degree angle and attached a razor blade to it with two small screws so the blade just cuts thru the foam at the 45degree angle. Practice on a small end so you get a feel for how it cuts thru the foam. Then once you have everything layed out and marked on the back side of the foam then used the block of wood to trace around your line ( the blade has to stay parallel to the line so you get a nice 45 degree slope and cut out your new padz. when you turn them over you should have a nice 45 bevel on the pad. Just like mat cutting for a picture frame.
I found on my hypersonic that the white section of pad was doing the same thing but it wasn't that new any more. I used a random orbital sander and very carefully just sanded the pads off the board 80 grit worked well you can change to 150 grit as you get closer to the board. That board had a double pad and the bottom section was gray and wasn't peeling so I only sanded until I just got to that. I could tell I was getting close because you could see the glue it was like yellow chalk. I snaded that with 150 so the glue would have something to stick too.
Getting the padz off without damaging the paint or the finish is the not so fun part take your time and use a couple layers of tape, to tape off the area so you don't damage any of the surounding area. I've also used a razor blade to remove padz and that works but the sanding went real quick and you can control it by using different grits of sanding paper you really have to take your time. Once you get the pads off clean the area ( a little Alcohol No solvents) and if it need a little roughing up tape off the pad area and lightly sand (150 or 220 grit) it by hand. Just enough for the glue to hold onto. You want to make sure all the old glue is removed so you can start fresh. You can also make templates for the strap inserts transfer the locations and use a hole punch to cut out the holes then use a counter sink drill bit to counter sink the holes if you want to or just leave them straight. Also check with the local shops and any custom board builders and see if they can help if your not into doing it yourself. It's some work but if you take your time it should go well. Well I hope this helps, Warm winds! Cheers!Michael

14th January 2010, 02:50 AM

Thanks very much! Sounds like a great way to replace the deck pad.I was thinking of a similar method but couldn't work out how to achieve the nice even angle along the edge of the padding. All sounds clear. I don't think I'll have much trouble removing the existing pad as it doesn't seem to be glued down all that well anyway..... sailed yesterday and it's continuing to peel up at the tear/s!

Well, thanks a heaps for the detailed notes, much appreciated!

Warm winds to you also!