View Full Version : Buying an Evo 75 to replace my JP fsw 77?

11th January 2010, 05:31 PM
Hi guys,

I'm think in replacing my JP fsw pro 77 08 for and Evo 75 09 wood carbon. On average I weigh 68kg and will use the Evo in 4.2 - 4.7 and occasionally in 5.3 type of conditions and only in winter as this is the season where we have onshore winds and up to 2m mushy waves where I live in Greece. This would mean full winter suit so the total weight would of course increase. Last week I tried a friends Evo 75 07 and although the strap set up was totally wrong for my liking it was obvious that the Evo was more buoyant than the fsw with +2 liters and of course was a lot looser.

Reading a couple of posts here I think that the Evo 70 or Quad 71 would be better for me but we can have very unstable wind at times and I would definitely need the extra volume to get back to where I start from.

What do you say. Just need some reassurance that the Evo 75 is good for me.

Many thanks


12th January 2010, 12:14 AM
At your weight, I think the EVO 70 or Quad 71 is surely better even for 5.3. They are not really much more than their quoted volumes, but the flat decks and compact outlines make them feel much, much more stable than the volume might suggest. SO unless you're spending time standing _absolutely_ still (when nothing but shear volume counts), the E70/Q71 is the right choice. And that size will be A LOT better for you as soon as your powered up. I'm around 4 kilos heavier than you and I've spend many SUPER light wind sessions on the EVO 70.

If you still decide on the 75 (which you might, for safety reasons, if you're a bit unsure about your slogging skills), I can add that in my opinion the 09 E75 is a far better board than the 07 version (while in the 70 size the 07 and 09 are very similar).

12th January 2010, 01:30 AM
Hi Ola

Many thanks for your quick response. You totally convinced me. I will look for an Evo 70 09 and if I can't find one maybe splash out on a Quad 71 even though the fact that there is no middle fin puts me off a bit. I'm a bit old style so to speak and I'm never the first to venture out on new ideas.