View Full Version : New Board for Woman on 152 l Techno

20th January 2010, 10:24 PM
Hello Everyone!

Please take into consideration that 'it's different for girls' when offering advice for this question.

I am a 125lb woman who is looking to replace my old 152 liter Techno. I use 6.6 and 7.8 sails and 42 and 36 cm weed fins on it. I sail in very flat water. I am interested in straight line drag racing with my friends and gps sailing. I like the fact that I am usually the first one on the beach to get on a plane, and also that I can ride this board with the smaller sail and fin in relatively high wind. BUT, the board is slow.

So, I'm looking for a board that gets me on a plane as early as the Techno (about 11 knts or less), but has a better top end. The board also needs to sail well with weed fins. My budget will only permit an '09 or an older used board.

When I checked 6 months ago, I was still #1 in US on the gps site. My best speed is on an old-style board I got at a swap meet for $50. I realize the Techno is also old school. Will I have trouble with modern boards?

Which board would you suggest, and which sizes and brands of weed fins.