View Full Version : Phantom 320 - short questions

23rd January 2010, 09:39 PM
Hi, I have a Phantom 320 2009, waiting for the 2010 I have ordered. I am very enthusiastic about it. A few questions though :

- mast rail : sometimes I unwillingly walk on the pedal while sailing and the pedal goes back in its rear position, where it does not bite on the rail. Then I have to stop to put it back on front position. Is there a way to block it in front position ?

- daggerboard : when daggerboard is almost or fully up, I have to stop and put sail in water to bring it back down using my two hands. Is there a way tyo ease this manoeuver. For use in racing conditions, daggerboard manoeuvering should be easy, plz fix that.

- mast foot : the use of the specific mast foot in Starboard catalogue is necessary otherwise you cant use the rear position of the mast rail. This mast foot has a specific upper part. Is it possible to disassemble this upper part to install a standard upper part ?

- carbon version : any news about it ? if it is produced, I will be happy to order one immediatly.