View Full Version : Futura 122 combined with Severne Glide 8,5

31st January 2010, 02:45 PM
Will the combination Futura 122 and Severne Glide 8,5 be ok?
Or will Glide 8,5 be to big?
I see that Starboard recomend sail up to 9,0 m2
But the Glide is with chambers and can probably be compared with a nocam-sail that is more than 1 m2 bigger? Therfore; will the Glide 8,5 m2 be to big for the Futura 122? My weight is 75 kg.

Best regards

31st January 2010, 08:09 PM
Hi Jacob,
The 8.5 Glide on the Futura 122 would see to be about the ultimate early planing 120 liter board.
If you have smaller sails for 14 knots and up, I think the Glide/Futura combination would be very good.
The early Glide 7.5 that I've been sailing gets just about anything going super early.
It's light and has lot's of power and I would expect the newer 8.5 Glide to be similar.
It should be great!
Hope this helps,