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1st February 2010, 11:31 PM
Dear friends,
i am a heavy weight(120kilos) windsurfer progressing to plannig and searching for buying a board.

A friend here in brazil recommended the apollo board instead of a formula experience 160.
I saw the new hwr too, but its hard to find in brazil and its expensive for me these days.

I did not comprehend the apollo recomendation because i thought i needed a bigger volume, and the apollo is just 150 l.
Because of my weight i am affraid of a small volume board.

What do you recomend? Foltation is always related to volume?

2nd February 2010, 11:49 AM
Hi Vitor,
The Apollo might be significantly better than the FE 160.
I believe the FE 160 actually actually has less volume than '
the Apollo, and the volume distribution (Where the highest amount
of float is in the board) of the Apollo should appeal to a heavy weight
I have sailed both the Apollo and the FE 160 and I can assure you the Apollo
definitely planes earlier and has a better volume distribution for me at 80-85 kg.
I would agree with your Brazilian friend!
Hope this helps,

2nd February 2010, 10:16 PM
Thank you Roger!!

Keeping on.....
In my little research I found the Go155 and Futura 155 interesting.. What is your opinion compared with the formulas?

Since I need a stable board and want to sail in strong winds too.

3rd February 2010, 05:58 AM
Hi Vitor,
What size sails do you intend to use?
What is the wind speed you consider "strong winds"?
The Futura 155 might be OK, or one of the really big Go
boards, but neither have the width and volume distribution
of the Apollo.
Also, what is your skill level?

3rd February 2010, 10:00 PM
Hi Roger,
I use here in the school 9 m2 sail. It is the size I like most.
The wind ranges from 8 to 25 knots.
Most of time is 13knots.
About my skills I think I am not good yet.
I am planning with difficulty and with landed freeride naish 160 2007, But my intention is to save money buying a board that will be good for at least 3 years.

I know I am asking fool things but here is very difficult to find boards to ride. To exemple I never saw a GO.


4th February 2010, 10:52 AM
Hi Vitor,
OK, now we have a much clearer frame of reference.
Have you looked at the GO 175 liter for 2010.
If you want to buy a new board, from the Starboard line,
the 253 long x 91 cm wide GO 175 is the most suitable for
a 120 Kg. (264.5 lb.) sailor.
I'll take a guess that you have been hiring the 9.0 m2 school sail
and the Naish 160 liter.
At your currrent skill level, I would not recommend going smaller.
The Apollo I would still keep on your list as the additional width
(esp. in the nose) could work really well to get you planing sooner.
When you go looking for a rig, at your size, something around 10.5 m2
would probably be best in the 12-18 knot range.
You have the size and weight to sail a 10.5 m2 al the wway up to at least
20 knots with a little tuning. Try to look for a Free Race sail (either with
no cams or 2 or 3 cams) as this type of sail has the most low end power
to get you planing as early as possible.
Hope this helps,